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Luxury Fly Fishing RanchesOn the Waterfront

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Fly fishing is one of the world’s most popular leisure activities. True enthusiasts consider it a recreational challenge and contemplative sport. Some take their passion a step further and purchase their own luxury fly-fishing lodge on the banks of a well-stocked river.

As depicted in the movie A River Runs Through It, fly fishing is anchored in pastoral settings. Intricately crafted artificial flies are used to catch fish, and the flies are an art form unto themselves. Armed with fly rods, fishermen wade into tranquil waters of rivers or lakes to land a prized trout or salmon.

Purists say fly fishing is all about location. As the sport has grown internationally so has the variety of destinations and types of fish sought, including salt-water species. Adventurous anglers might organize a float-plane expedition from the Bristol Bay region of Alaska, or chase bonefish on tiny and exotic Christmas Island, 1,200 miles south of Hawaii.

Most agree that North America is a fly-fishing nirvana. Montana, in particular, gets high praise from top anglers with the celebrated Madison River as one of the most famous locales in the sport. Other popular rivers in western Montana include the Blackfoot and Gallatin, where A River Runs Through It was filmed. A luxury fishing lodge in western Montana also provides easy access to the pristine rivers of Yellowstone National Park.

The Pine, Colorado and San Juan rivers of Colorado and the areas surrounding Jackson Hole, Wyoming, are rich in fly-fishing opportunities, as are the icy waters of southern Alaska. The Patagonia region of Argentina, where the southern Andes dip into an unspoiled paradise, is popular with those who savor fishing with an exotic flair.

The good news for dedicated anglers who want easier access to prime locales is that wherever there are well-stocked rivers, streams, or lakes--and the permits to fish them--there are opportunities to invest in luxury fly fishing ranches or lodges. River frontage, a dedicated room to store fly-fishing paraphernalia and a dock to launch a boat, if needed, are the only real requirements. Though catch and release is a time-honored part of the sport, grilling a freshly caught Rainbow trout in a gourmet kitchen overlooking a pristine river is the perfect way to end a day on the water.

In addition to fishing, many luxury ranches offer a full complement of recreational venues including equestrian stables. Out-buildings can house all manner of high-tech, high-octane toys. Add a wrap-around porch to savor stunning scenic views and abundant wildlife, indoor/outdoor fireplaces, a private spa and plenty of room to practice tying the perfect fly, and you’ve reeled in an irresistible luxury lifestyle.

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