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Luxury Log HomesRustic Appeal

  • Publié lundi 14 juillet 2014
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Today’s generation of log homes are big, beefy architectural statement-makers. And they’re definitely not your grandfather’s log cabin.

Inspired by nature and aspirational by design, luxury log homes are amenity-filled retreats that mix rustic elegance with modern appointments. There’s nothing austere about these estates.

There are two types of log homes: manufactured and handcrafted.  Manufactured logs are milled for uniformity of size and appearance. Handcrafted logs are hand-hewn and irregularly shaped. Their character comes from the natural variations. No two homes are alike.

Each wood species has its own benefits, and there are a number of good choices. Douglas fir is known for its strength, for instance. Cypress for its resistance to decay. Lodgepole pine for its minimal shrinkage. Red oak for its beauty. Using native timber harvested in the same climate is generally more stable since it used to the same humidity levels and temperatures.

Log homes are durable, naturally energy-efficient and require little maintenance. The drawback, however, is that remodeling a home with log walls instead of drywall can be costly. And for that reason, too, log home construction requires more advanced planning than its conventional stick-frame counterpart when it comes to outlets, wiring and plumbing. When you can’t move walls, it all has to be engineered from the start.

Log home design, however, isn’t an all or nothing proposition. Some homeowners prefer drywall on the interiors for color and warmth. Options abound and that’s why education is key for those contemplating log construction. Experts recommend researching log home manufacturers, visiting mills, touring model homes and attending log home shows.

Perhaps more than any other type of home, a log residence is one first rooted in childhood. Log homes are fixtures in fables, history and pop culture. Construction techniques may have evolved over the ages and the luxury factor may have skyrocketed but its back-to-basics elements--like the smell of real wood--will always be at the heart of their appeal.

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