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Private Island RentalsPrivacy Redefined

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Renting a hotel room on the beach of a tropical island is one way to see the world from a new perspective. Renting the entire island lets you experience it from an altogether privileged view.

For adventurous types, private island rentals are the perfect settings for destination weddings, honeymoons, family reunions and milestone events. Castaway trips have an element of fantasy, a chance to inhabit another lifestyle, if only for a brief moment of time. They offer the ultimate in privacy. What they lack in tony boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants, they make up in exotic seclusion. In a 24/7 plugged-in world, an island is the place to drop off and disappear.

Private isle rentals are available all over the world, and prices are all over the map. Thousands are for rent with varying levels of creature comforts, from rough and ready to refined. Destinations in the Caribbean, Europe and Oceana command some of the highest prices, typically starting at $1,500 a night but going well into five-digit territory. You won’t find Robinson Crusoe conditions here. Far from it. Islands at the luxury end of the spectrum come with the works: a private chef, chauffer and yacht.

To ensure reality measures up to fantasy, see to it the island has been fully vetted by a real estate broker. If it’s possible to contact previous renters, all the better. This is one place where swapping rooms once you get there is just not an option.

When scouting destinations, determine just how far off the grid you really want to go. Do you want cell phone service and WiFi?  A caretaker on premises? Would you be more comfortable with a view of the mainland in sight? Find out about passage to and from the island. Transportation costs to remote locations can add up. Make no assumptions about the conditions of the beach either, or you could wind up with a rocky shore instead of powder sands.  The effort will be worth it. In a world of five-star vacation luxury, the simple pleasures are sometimes the most magical.

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