خبير عقاري في Santa Fe, New Mexico United States
Real Estate Agent

Ed Schroeder

خبير عقاري في Santa Fe, New Mexico United States
Ed Schroeder is a natural leader with energy and enthusiasm to spare. He has an easy going nature and good humor, which only add to his dynamic personality. What he loves best about his job in real estate is meeting and working with people. He works hard to offer his experience, great service, strong negotiating skills and the growing of long-term relationships with his clientele. He assists in delivering the dreams and goals of his clients. He develops true lasting friendships with his clients. He listens to their needs and chooses properties that hold their value and match his clients' wants and needs. Whether a buyer or seller, clients benefit from his service.

Ed has many things that he enjoys: a long cruise with someone special, taking a long hike on a sunny day in the mountains of New Mexico, a foot of new powder snow on an untracked ski run, and sharing the excitement of his clients when they buy or sell a home. Having been a U.S. Marine Corps Officer for 30 years of service, he and his wife, Mary, raised their adopted sons, Peter and Andrew, with respect for honor and service to the community. They both deemed these as valuable assets in life. As a real estate professional, Ed provides a unique advantage to his clients with these powerful traits. He understands that when one is being relocated in or out of the Santa Fe area, there are very specific and unique needs that must be met. He brings a wealth of experience in delivering a professional quality of service to his customers with the highest integrity. He understands that being a real estate professional is neither a career nor a profession; it is a way of life. Ed works to honor his clients' dreams and goals.