Immobilienprofi in Knowlton, Quebec Kanada
Real Estate Agent

Lisa Rozon

Immobilienprofi in Knowlton, Quebec Kanada
In her own words, Lisa Rozon is a real-estate broker because, “It’s about more than beautiful homes. It’s about understanding people and how they express their personal values through their lifestyle and investment choices. Sotheby’s International Realty is a brand that will serve my clients’ interests very well.” Lisa’s professionalism as a broker is well supported by her 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, having owned and operated three businesses serving high-end retail markets. Her personal sense of determination and self-discipline stems from her years as a member of Canada’s national ski team where she competed in the Europa Cup and World Cup races. ? Lisa is a native of the Townships, where she is raising her family. “I am still a country girl at heart’” she adds. She has lived through the growth that the area has undergone over the years and has a good sense of where the market is evolving now. Of her partnership with Marie-Piers Barsalou, she concludes, “I’ve known her since I was a young girl. Regardless of the situation, her word is her bond. You can always take what she says to the bank.” Lisa is perfectly bilingual.