Real Estate Professional in New York, New York United States
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Mercedes Levin

Real Estate Professional in New York, New York United States
Mercedes was born and raised in New York City and has worked for many years in the city's top brokerage houses.

Before becoming a broker she gained a wealth of knowledge from her many life adventures, including living in Europe right out of college with her husband, who had a Fulbright scholarship to study architecture and design. That led to many years of travel by planes, trains, ferries and automobles. Mercedes, who speaks fluent Spanish, has close ties to Latin America, her second home as a child. She has been involved in and supported many social and charitable causes pertaining to the region.

After raising her own two children in New York, her aesthetic sensibilities led her into the fashion industry, which she found to be challenging and fun.

Once she became a broker her broad knowledge of different lifestyles and personalities helped her to have a better understanding of the very different things people want in a home. Finding clients places where they find harmony is what she does best.
38 East 61st Street
New York, New York, 10065 United States