Real Estate Professional in Lambertville, New Jersey United States
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Sheri Oshins

Real Estate Professional in Lambertville, New Jersey United States

Dogs and Doors; these are just a few of the difficulties real estate agents might deal with on a daily basis. But Sheri is no stranger to dogs. She, herself, has three; a playful boxer named, Rocky, a 17-year old sheltie/shepherd mix, named McKenzie, and the laziest dog known to mankind, Luke, a Cairn terrier. To add to the canine caboodle, is a persnickety orange tabby, named, Oliver. So, dealing with dogs, she has down pat.

You know what else she has down pat, researching for your perfect home. One client, in fact coined her the “Unicorn Hunter” because she believed that finding her dream home was as elusive as finding a pink unicorn. Well, Sheri found that Unicorn and her client reports that they are still living happily ever after.

Selling homes is a welcomed endeavor to Sheri, as well. She is willing to go that extra mile for her clients when listing their homes. She will roll up her sleeves right alongside you and help organize that linen closet or help you discern from projects which are worth your hard-earned Benjamins, versus ones that will waste your time and budget.

And when it’s time to negotiate, Sheri says, “There is nothing like successfully negotiating a deal for my clients. It’s one of the many things I LOVE about this business.”

So, how did Sheri wind up in real estate you might wonder? Well, it all began after the market crash of 2008. After teaching for 16 years, Sheri found herself as a teacher without a classroom… or a school for that matter! For the first time in her career, she was jobless and had to recreate herself.

“I thought, what are the things I do well and what are the things I love to do?” says Sheri. Her answer? “I love people, I love real estate and I love writing.”

She literally began knocking door-to-door. As it happens, a boutique real estate agency—then known as NT Callaway—was looking for a copywriter. Ready to tackle a new trade, Sheri rolled up her sleeves and began writing the distinctive ad copy for which NT Callaway—now Callaway Henderson Sotheby's International Realty—is known. After five years as copywriter, she took a brief pause to publish her first children’s book in 2013. But when she returned to real estate, she was armed with a License to Sell.

What does Sheri love most about real estate? “I love so many things. I love researching homes. I love helping my buyers find that needle in the haystack. I love telling my seller’s, ‘Congratulations! We sold your house!’ But most of all I have to say I love my clients. We form long lasting relationships that extend way beyond their closing. I always have the best clients and for that, I am most grateful.”

What’s the one thing Sheri wishes everyone knew about real estate? “I wish they knew that having more than one agent at a time does not serve them well. Choose one agent you can work well with and work with that one person, exclusively. I am loyal to my clients. I love that they are loyal to me in return.”

So, whether in the first stages of your real estate journey or if you’re ready to make that jump, let Sheri domesticate dogs, unlock doors, and hunt for whatever elusive mythical creature you might be searching.

Licensed in NJ and PA

49 Bridge Street
Lambertville, New Jersey, 08530 United States