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About Michael Reddell

Real Estate Professional in Dallas, Texas
United States

Assisting clients with the sale or purchase of a new home is a challenge Mike Reddell knows from the inside out. After 10 years working with some of the largest and most successful development companies in the country, he has amassed a unique store of knowledge. This experience and dedication to stay in tune with emerging demographics and buyer expectations allow Mike to help developers shape communities that yield a significant competitive advantage for his clients and new homes that delight buyers. Whether it is helping to select a building site, helping design floor plans or assist with choosing finish materials, Mike's goal is to help developers create communities where each dollar spent creates enduring value for homeowner's and increased profitability for developers. Mike joins Briggs Freeman Sotheby's International Realty as senior vice president and director of developer services.

"A successful development first depends on an expert understanding of the market and making educated decisions about where opportunities exist. Not only what to build, but when and for whom. The better you understand buyer preferences in terms of lifestyle, design style and price point, the more able you are to create a project that sells faster and for more money," Mike says. "Then it is matter of branding, marketing and selling those unique qualities in a cost effective compelling fashion."

Mike has created and executed sales and marketing programs, conducted research and analyses and has consulted with some of the most prominent developers in the business including Hillwood, Hall Financial Group, The Omni Hotel Corporation (TRT Holdings), Koontz McCombs, Forest City Development and Behringer Harvard.

In his varied roles, Mike has worked on every stage of the development process including conducting feasibility studies, assisting with the selection of architects and interior designers and creating and executing sales and marketing programs to final closeout. He applies the same rigorous analysis to his projects that he learned in his corporate experience specialized in creating a competitive advantage for each project.

Prior to his real estate career, Mike held executive level positions in the sales training, sales management and marketing of healthcare devices and software.

A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Mike and his wife Kelly have five children and one grandchild. The family is active with the North Texas Food Bank and the Salvation Army, as well as the Episcopal School of Dallas. The Reddell household also includes a dog and five backyard chickens.

Michael Reddell
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