Real Estate Professional in Coral Gables, Florida United States
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Osmany Garcia

Real Estate Professional in Coral Gables, Florida United States

Osmany  launched his real estate career after several exceptionally negative experiences with the agents he worked with to buy and sell his own homes. Osmany is a graduate of the ISCM of Villa Clara, Cuba as a MD and working many years as a general practicing, Osmany knows how to ensure mission accomplishment and is always focused on client welfare. 


Simply put, Osmany fights for his clients the same way he fought for his patients life. His systems, processes, and strategies change the way real estate is sold and the systematic trademarked approach he embraces guarantees his clients satisfaction and success. His systems and team centered methodologies coupled with his medical background approach to selling your home are well proven and guarantee success.


Osmany has been endorsed by Orlando The Big O on 560 WQAM Sports Talk Radio, The Florida Panthers on 560 WQAM,  and on Channel 10 WPLG on the SoFLo Home Project (  Osmany's real estate articles and editorials have been featured in the Coral Gables Community News Paper, Kendall Community News Paper and South Miami Community News Paper. He also a supporter of the Nicklaus Children's Hospital and gives FREE home buying and selling seminars twice a month to EDUCATE, EMPOWER AND ENGAGE consumers.  


His strategy has proven so effective that Osmany He leads workshops, podcasts, and webinars where home sellers AND Real Estate agents learn to sell homes faster, with no hassle, and for significantly more money. 


Osmany is consistently in the top realtors in South Florida in terms of home sales and in his spare time enjoys spending time with his family of six. He is a volunteer coach, a member of multiple non-profit organizations and donates thousands of dollars to charities every year.  


Call me direct at: 305-764-1701


6 Big Reasons to Call Osmany Garcia Today   


1.)  We have buyers in waiting:        


We have 3,524 buyers in our database looking for a home in the area. It is likely that the buyer for your home is already in my database - Your home may already be sold!  


2.)  We Sell for More Money         

We sell our clients homes for an average of 3% more money compared to the average area agent. On a $1,000,000 home, that's an extra $30,000 more money in your pocket.     


3.)  We Will Get your Home Sold Faster     

We sell our clients homes on average in only 59 days while the average area agent sells theirs in 150 days.  


4.)  Your Home is More Likely to Sell     


Osmany  has a 97 percent success rate in selling homes versus the average agents 40 percent success rate.  


5.) We sell more homes

In fact, we sell over 40 x more homes than your average agent.

Because we sell more homes, we can do more for you. We can market and advertise more diligently to ensure your success.


6.) There is NO risk and We offer Performance Guarantees* to our Clients.


*Conditions apply, please call for details

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