Real Estate Professional in Kent, Connecticut United States
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Howard Schissler

Real Estate Professional in Kent, Connecticut United States
I have always lived in Manhattan. Growing up my family spent weekends and summers in upstate New York. It was then that I came to realize that while Manhattan is the best place on earth, I was a more balanced person when I was able to experience the peace, slower pace, and the absolutely joy of being around natural beauty. As an adult I found Litchfield County as my counterbalance to NYC and I have become its biggest advocate. I have been a part-time resident here for 10 years and I am constantly discovering new reasons to love it.

Until recently I owned a Pilate's studio in New York which offered specialized and boutique services to a demanding clientele. Each client was unique so I customized the program to address his/her special needs. I know the key to any business success is understanding the customer needs and providing the best possible service to satisfy them.

I am thrilled to be at William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty and a part of the highly regarded Goldspiel Group. The philosophy that Ira Goldspiel espouses is that each property deserves a customized marketing plan and a team of people who can best market, show and sell it. Each detail is important: photography, copy, advertising, exposure on the internet, weekly analysis of results and networking within and outside our organization. Goldspiel manages the process and selects the best local and corporate people to make it all happen. His superb record proves this approach works.

If you are thinking of listing and/or selling a property I am eager to discuss and outline the process. Or if you just want an update describing the current marketplace and get our insights into where we think the market is heading, I would love to bring you up-to-date. Our resources are the best in the business and I look forward to being able to show you how William Pitt Sotheby's is the best brokerage to deliver your real estate needs.

27 N Main Street
Kent, Connecticut, 06757 United States