Real Estate Professional in Atlanta, Georgia United States
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Suzy DeFoor

Real Estate Professional in Atlanta, Georgia United States
Suzy DeFoor has a strong, diverse background in real estate with 32 years of experience in commercial and almost four years in residential. She founded, managed and sold three real estate related companies between 1988 and 2010: LANCO Properties; Urban American Asset Management Corp; and RDI (Real Estate Data, Inc.).

Suzy was always curious about residential real estate and wanted to discover the difference between residential and commercial. In 2013, she decided to transition to residential and quickly realized that she loved it because it was so much more personal and allowed her to work closely with her clients. Her primary areas of specialization are Buckhead and Sandy Springs, plus she has lived in a high-rise for 28 years so she feels comfortable working with clients who are buying or selling condominiums.

Suzy has two sons -- Wesley of DeFoor Ventures (commercial developer) and Clay, founder of DeFoor Designs (designs and manufactures golf apparel), who both live in Atlanta.?

3290 Northside Parkway NW, Suite 200
Atlanta, Georgia, 30327 United States