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Luxurious Modern Villa

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About Luxurious Modern Villa, Herzliya Pituach, Israel

The house has one of the top locations in Herzliya Pituach, which is considered as one of the best neighborhoods in Israel. It is a five minute walk from the beautiful Herzliya Beach and the same distance to the commercial center. The plot size is 517 meters squared, facing with its eastern front to the prestigious Kaplan Street and with its western front to a charming green park. It is a brand new and modern building with a total of 600 square meters built and constructed with the highest of standards, including the elevator and pool area. There is a special design which targets comfort as well as privacy in addition to open views to the park. The home has two entrances, one from Kaplan Street which includes two car parking and the other entrance alongside which has broad parking options. The property has the following territories which include, four suites built separately in different levels. Each level is equipped with a private bathroom, in which two of them have balconies facing the park. The main living room and kitchen space is completely connected to the pool and the courtyard. The family room and studio range has a separate entrance. There is an additional living unit with a private entrance, bedroom, kitchen, fitness room and office. There is a shelter which is built with high protection standards. A beautiful 50 meter squared pool which includes a service area and a bathroom. The courtyard includes stone cladding, plants and seating areas which create a full connection between the house interior and exterior of the home.

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  • Security System
  • Intercom System
  • Media Room / Home Theater
  • Terrace / Outdoor Space
  • Washer Included
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Marble Flooring
  • in-law suite

About : Israel

The beachfront district of Herzliya Pituach is one of Israel’s most affluent areas. Herzliya is named after Theodor Herzl, founder of modern Zionism. The area, in the northern section of Tel Aviv, is both informal and international.
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Luxurious Modern Villa