Oktoberfest in Munich


Since 1810, Munich, Bavaria, Germany has played host to Oktoberfest – the world’s largest “Volksfest,” or traveling funfair and beer festival. Millions of people from around the world travel to the Bavarian capital for the over two-week-long celebration to enjoy millions of liters of special Oktoberfest Beer, food, and festivities; the special beer is brewed within Munich city limits and conforms to the strict “Reinheitsgebot,” sometimes referred to as the “German Purity Law.”

The traditions and celebrations of Oktoberfest are now enjoyed the world over; inspiring unique beers, events, and cuisine far from Germany and the festival’s roots. Just in time for this year’s Oktoberfest, which runs from September 16 – October 3, let’s explore five homes in Bavaria.

Bavaria01.190.000 € EUR | Bavaria, Germany | Munich Sotheby’s International Realty

This historic country house with guest house is situated on an exceptional plot in a dreamlike and quiet location. Close to the forest, with a unique view of the breathtaking alpine scenery with the silhouette of the mountain Watzmann, this home sits on nearly 4,000 square-meters of land with 413 square-meters of living space.

Bavaria118.000.000 € EUR | Bavaria, Germany | Munich Sotheby’s International Realty

Striking and minimalistic, this home features remarkable open spaces that are both simultaneously intimate and perfect for entertaining. This energy-efficient, state-of-the-art masterpiece comprises 2,000 square-feet of living space, including an underground garage perfect for displaying an automotive collection.

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Bavaria24.800.000 € EUR | Munich, Germany | Munich Sotheby’s International Realty

Built in 2006, this timeless villa features authentic architectural design and state-of-the-art amenities throughout. Epitomizing “modern meets classic,” this home includes a refreshing indoor pool/spa area, an elevator with access to all floors, and a spacious kitchen, all while enjoying abundant natural light.

Bavaria34.150.000 € EUR | Bavaria, Germany | Munich Sotheby’s International Realty

The Lake Tegernsee country house in Rottach Egern, Bavaria is bright, classic escape tucked away into quiet nook of the region. Vibrant colors mix with design elements that call back to days’ past; the cobblestone driveway, sun-soaked gardens, and open fireplace are among these amenities. The home also features a dream-like swimming pool, sheltered terraces, a generous guest area and an elevator.

Bavaria41.450.000 € EUR | Munich, Germany | Munich Sotheby’s International Realty

“Living by Phillippe Stark” is one of the most exciting and exclusive residential projects in the city of Munich. This refurbished historical monument property with concierge service, spa and wellness area offers an international living standard at the highest level. An apartment equipped and furnished like a stately suite – this living space enjoys belonging to a noble and distinguished grand hotel.

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Market Spotlight | St. Vincent and the Grenadines


Featured as home to one of Condé Nast Traveler’s Secret Islands of the Caribbean” Michelle Bess Bellegarde, chief executive officer, St. Vincent & the Grenadines Sotheby’s International Realty shares insight on one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets.

1$16,200,000 XCD | Bequia, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines | St. Vincent & the Grenadines Sotheby’s International Realty

“Although it’s well known to royals, avid sailing enthusiasts, and those looking for paradise unspoiled, the secret is getting out,” shares Bellegarde. “Here, luxury is not simply a price point, and those who travel here and choose to make it home come from all walks of life.”

“Although it’s well known to royals, avid sailing enthusiasts, and those looking for paradise unspoiled, the secret is getting out.”

St. Vincent and the Grenadines, among other Eastern Caribbean nations, has worked very hard to create a business-friendly environment with very low taxes, developer incentives, low cost of living, and new programs like Citizenship by Investment. “We have developed our islands to cater to a variety of lifestyles for luxury buyers including resort, golf, diving, yachting and sailing,” says Bellegarde. “Tourism and real estate purchasers in the Grenadines are now almost equal between the United States and the United Kingdom, to be followed closely by Canada. Our incentives have brought the greatest interest from Europe, The Middle East, Russia and China.”

2$3,375,000 XCD | St. Vincent, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines | St. Vincent & the Grenadines Sotheby’s International Realty

While still a hidden gem, tourism is certainly at the heart of this island nation’s trends. “As increased airlift and cruise births continue to be announced by major carriers and cruise lines, we continue to see an increase in tourism and housing development,” says Bellegarde. “The highly-anticipated Argyle International Airport opened in February 2017 and has been met with great excitement, [delivering] an uptick in travel to the Grenadines as well as an uptick in business interests.”

Living here is living clean and living off the land. “No McDonalds, no Starbucks,” says Bellegarde. “Our food is organic and freshly prepared in local restaurants that rival the very best. Our fishermen still make their own boats and many old marine traditions like whaling are still practiced.”

3$22,950,000 XCD | Bequia, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines | St. Vincent & the Grenadines Sotheby’s International Realty

Although a fading tradition, St. Vincent & the Grenadines is one of only a few nations that still whale for food. “Whale is not for everyone,” says Bellegarde, “but they say our lobster is the best in the world.”

“Don’t call Mick Jagger an expat!”

“Don’t call Mick Jagger an expat!” says Bellegarde with a smile. Celebrities like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer and Rolling Stones front man prefer to be called “locals” when enjoying their time on the island nation. Jagger is in good company with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Shania Twain, Bryan Adams and of course, members of the British Royal Family, enjoying the local moniker as well.

4$3,780,000 XCD | Bequia, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines | St. Vincent & the Grenadines Sotheby’s International Realty

With homes ranging from $2,500,000 on the “secret” island of Bequia, to $7,000,000 on the resort island of Canouan, exclusivity and privacy are king and queen; on some islands this secrecy extends too, to value of property. “On Mustique, the actual sales price of luxury homes is highly guarded,” says Bellegarde. “Privacy and peace are the two things that our buyers crave most. They don’t want to be alone; they actually want to be in a community, but in a place where no one cares who they are or where they came from. They want to be free to make friends and be themselves in a place where what matters is who they are right here.”

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#TravelTuesday | San Miguel de Allende named Travel + Lesiure’s Top City of 2017


Recently named Travel + Leisure’s Top City of 2017, Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende is a colonial city, a part of which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here, we check in with Larry Stebbins, owner of Agave Sotheby’s International Realty in San Miguel, to discover the latest from within the T+L top city.

“In general, our market is balanced with a good supply of quality homes and increasing buyer demand,” says Stebbins. “A well-priced home within easy walking access to the historic center will be under contract within 30 days of coming to market.  Our company, [Agave Sotheby’s International Realty] is the market leader with more than 50% market share.”

imagereader.aspx-2$5,995,000 USD | San Miguel de Allende, Mexico | Agave Sotheby’s International Realty

The region’s notoriety reaches beyond locals. “The current trend that we are seeing is the arrival of buyers from California and New York. They represent a younger demographic that are looking to move to a destination that has rich cultural activities and an inclusive, progressive community,” says Stebbins. “The majority of our buyers are from the United States (85%) with approximately 5% Canadian and 5% Mexican nationals.” Even with the influx of younger buyers, San Miguel’s average buyer is between 40-65 years old and financially independent.

imagereader.aspx-3$2,995,000 USD | San Miguel de Allende, Mexico | Agave Sotheby’s International Realty

San Miguel de Allende has opportunities for a wide variety of buyers; property prices range from $200K to $2M with an average sales price of $550k. “The most common architectural style is traditional Spanish Colonial with high ceilings, wood beams, bovedas, and ample patios and terraces, as the climate is temperate year around and conducive to indoor/outdoor living,” says Stebbins.

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imagereader.aspx-4$2,200,000 USD | San Miguel de Allende, Mexico | Agave Sotheby’s International Realty

“San Miguel is also home to two hotels that were recognized as the best hotels in Mexico by Conde Nast readers in 2016. We were also the production home of Top Chef Mexico,” says Stebbins.

imagereader.aspx-5$1,695,000 USD | San Miguel de Allende, Mexico | Agave Sotheby’s International Realty

San Miguel de Allende is located in the historical and cultural heart of Mexico.  Founded in the 16th century, it is rich in the history of Mexico.  It experienced a renaissance of sorts after WWII when it became an artist community, one that continues to thrive today. It is culturally rich with great art, music, food and a center of philanthropic endeavors with more than 50 non-profit organizations giving back to the community.

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Market Spotlight | Croatia

One of the newest regions added to the Sotheby’s International Realty brand’s global presence, Croatia is known for its history, waterfront lifestyle and idyllic islands. Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty’s Co-Owner, Marko Pažanin, discusses the nation’s landscape and current luxury real estate climate

imagereader.aspx23250000 HRK | Split, Croatia | Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty

“Our luxury real estate market is ready to blossom,” says Pažanin. “There is great potential here and we’re seeing a lot of expansion. [Croatia] as a destination is becoming globally recognizable, with an ever-growing interest in tourism, but also investments. We’re in constant contact with investors and looking for projects that meet the high standards of our clientele.”

“Our luxury real estate market is ready to blossom,” – Marko Pažanin, co-owner, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty

Like in many other places around the world, people are attracted Croatia’s rich history. “Current trends show that buyers are interested in homes in the hearts of our historic cities such as Split, Dubrovnik, and Opatiia,” says Pažanin. “We also know that buyers are interested in exclusive, coastal homes on the beaches of the Dalmatian Islands. In terms of architecture, our clients are looking for modern homes that provide a sense of comfort and familiarity. This is a new trend in a market where Mediterranean-inspired design dominates; mostly built in the beginning of the 20th century, these homes are being revitalized for contemporary standards.”

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imagereader.aspx-3Price Upon Request | Split, Croatia | Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty

As the country’s luxury real estate market is still in its infancy, the price range here offers an excellent value opportunity for prospective investors. “Luxury villas on the coast start at approximately 1.000.000 EUR, while the apartments in the core of our city centers start at around 300.000 EUR,” says Pažanin. “We are attracting buyers from all over the world along with domestic entrepreneurs, athletes, doctors and military professionals.”

imagereader.aspx-216500000 HRK | Sibernik Knin, Croatia | Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty

The country has a lot to offer, which is why well-known athletes like former NBA star Dino Rađa and former FC Barçelona footballer Goran Vucević call it home. “Croatia, as a destination, is recognizable not only for its natural beauty, clean air and vibrant sea, but also its unique cultural and historical heritage.”

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Market Spotlight: Dominican Republic


From 2017’s first edition of Perspectives, join us as we visit the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is home to one the brand’s newest affiliated companies – Sergio Llach Sotheby’s International Realty. There, they join Holden Sotheby’s International Realty,with whom they work closely together with in order to provide an unforgettable experience for their clients both on and off the island; here, they paint a picture of the luxury real estate market in the Dominican Republic.

$3,200,000 USD | La Romana, Dominican Republic | Sergio Llach Sotheby’s International Realty
“The north coast of the Dominican Republic has seen an increase of activity,” says William Holden, owner, Holden Sotheby’s International Realty. “For the past few years, buyers are looking for properties in the $250,000 to $450,000 price range. At this time, buyers are making inquiries in the $500,000 to $1 Million price range. Moreover, developers are making inquiries into vacant land conducive for multi-family or resort projects.

Almost all buyers on the north coast are international buyers from North America and Europe. There is also a trend of lower costs of land which offers a more economical opportunity to build a retirement home. In some of the more isolated areas, celebrities are buying large tracts of waterfront land for private estates, corporate retreats, or family compounds.

imagereader.aspx-2Price Upon Request | La Romana, Dominican Republic | Sergio Llach Sotheby’s International Realty

Luxury beachfront condominiums and private oceanfront villas [on the north coast] range in price from $500,000 to $3 million; in some more exclusive gated communities, prices for oceanfront villas are in the $2 million to $10 million price range. There is also a trend for smaller private villas considered ‘condo-alternatives’ that range in price from $250,000 to $750,000.”

“The Dominican Republic’s south and east coasts are extremely active due to the luxurious amenities available as well as the ease of access via three international airports,” says Sergio Llach, owner, Sergio Llach Sotheby’s International Realty. “This area’s soft, white sand beaches coupled with the extremely friendly people and the great sense of security are also a big attraction for home buyers. The area offers plenty of mega-yacht marinas and more than 20 world-famous golf courses designed by architects like Pete Dye, Jack Nicklaus and Nick Faldo.

$11,500,000 USD | La Altagracia, Dominican Republic | Holden Sotheby’s International Realty
Home buyers are demanding a higher quality of turn-key homes and they are willing to pay for it; along with large family homes, contemporary design, modern amenities and great views are highly sought after.”

Differing itself from other parts of the island, “over 50% of all home owners [on the south and east coasts] originate in the capital city of Santo Domingo,” says Llach. “High-net worth families regardless of their industry seek properties here; most share the love of sports, particularly golf. The average home price is between $2.5 – $4 million, with a minimum of $1 million and a maximum of $40 million.”

imagereader.aspxPrice Upon Request | La Altagracia, Dominican Republic | Holden Sotheby’s International Realty

“Mark Anthony and Vin Diesel are among the celebrities that call the Dominican Republic home, and presidential families like the Bush’s and Clinton’s spend vacations here,” says Llach regarding the south and east coasts. Holden adds that, “the notable residents on the north coast come for privacy; so, don’t plan on finding a roadmap to the stars.”

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day


In many parts of the world, March 17 marks the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day; a holiday with roots in Ireland, let’s visit some homes and explore the culture and history of the Irish holiday with David Ashmore, owner, Ireland Sotheby’s International Realty.

28.000.000 € EUR | Roundwood, Ireland | Ireland Sotheby’s International Realty

For a comparatively small country, Ireland has made a disproportionate contribution to world literature, music and comedy. It’s also true to say that on March 17, everyone’s a little Irish. Even though St. Patrick’s Day is only a public holiday in a handful of places, “Irishness” is celebrated around the world.

Dublin14.500.000 € EUR | Dublin, Ireland | Ireland Sotheby’s International Realty

Every St. Patrick’s Day around the world, people dress up in green, attend parades and celebrations and raise a pint of Guinness to the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. Celebrating the feast of Ireland’s patron saint goes back a long time, to the 5th century. Nowadays, it’s more of a party for St. Patrick, as this religious and cultural festival is celebrated around the country with festivals, parades, fireworks, pints and plenty of green.

Dublin21.800.000 € EUR | Dublin, Ireland | Ireland Sotheby’s International Realty

Historically, the day commemorated St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. In medieval times, the Irish would celebrate the Feast of St. Patrick with a pilgrimage to a sacred place (usually a holy well or chapel) and a mass or prayers held on the holy location. This was followed with festivals involving food, music, dancing and games. Today, St. Patrick’s Day highlights Irish heritage and culture; across Ireland, different regions and towns have their own unique ways to celebrate one of Ireland’s biggest holidays.

Puckane2.350.000 € EUR | Puckane, Ireland | Ireland Sotheby’s International Realty

Ireland’s capital city [Dublin] is home to the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the country. Hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets, decked out in wild and fantastical costumes, to celebrate with an extravagant four-day festival. Dublin hosts an elaborate parade, themed events, a treasure hunt through the city, street performers, guided pub crawls and an awe-inspiring firework show over the River Liffey.

Channel your inner “Irish Spirit” with these 10 Facts about St. Patrick’s Day

  1. St. Patrick was not Irish. He was from Wales. pub-2058083_1280
  2. The humble shamrock was originally a teaching tool. St. Patrick is said to have used the three-leaved plant to explain the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) to the pagan Irish.
  3. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in New York in the 1760s.
  4. For many years, blue was the colour most often associated with St. Patrick. Green was considered unlucky. St. Patrick’s blue was considered symbolic of Ireland for many centuries and the Irish Presidential Standard is still blue.
  5. For many years, Dripsey in County Cork had the world’s shortest parade, just 77 feet, the distance between two pubs – The Weigh Inn and The Lee Valley. Currently, the town of Hot Springs, Arizona claims to have the shortest parade – a 98 foot route on Bridge Street.
  6. In 2010, the Sydney Opera House went green to mark the 200th anniversary of St. Patrick’s Day there. In Sydney, St Patrick’s Day was first marked in 1810, when Lachlan Macquarie, the Governor of New South Wales, provided entertainment for Irish convict workers.
  7. Irish flee the country. In Ireland on March 17 you’ll find many public figures, musicians, and dancers have travelled abroad to work on lucrative gigs elsewhere.
  8. In Chicago every year, the Plumbers Local 110 union dyes the river “Kelly” green. The dye lasts for about five hours.
  9. Traditionally, every year, the Irish leader hands a crystal bowl full of shamrock to the US President. The shamrock, grown in Kerry, is immediately destroyed by the Secret Service after the exchange.
  10. Guinness sales soar on St. Patrick’s Day. Recent figures show that 5.5 million pints of the famous stout are downed around the world every day. On St. Patrick’s Day that figure is doubled.

Ireland_SocialMediaThis guest blog was provided by David Ashmore, owner, Ireland Sotheby’s International Realty

Market Spotlight | Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat Header

In the Northwest corner of Colorado, Steamboat Springs is far removed from the I-70 corridor that is the gateway to resorts like Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone and Aspen. Unlike Colorado’s roster of glitzy mountain towns, Steamboat’s ranching heritage and long history as a ski town (it has, in fact, produced Olympians for every Winter Olympics except in 1936) lends a family-oriented authenticity and western character that makes it unique. More a “real” town than resort, those folks sporting cowboy apparel are actually real cowboys who work on real ranches; you’re more likely to see down jackets than fur coats and strangers still genuinely smile and greet each other as they pass on the street. But with the plentiful and dry snow that blankets the town in the winter, Steamboat literally coined (and trademarked) the term “champagne powder”.

Famous for its tree skiing in the uncut Aspen groves that make skiing in the resort feel like a wilderness experience, it has been consistently ranked one of the top family-friendly ski resorts in North America. And, once people arrive for winter, they are often bitten by the “Yampa Valley Curse” and find themselves calling Steamboat Springs home. When the chill of the winter thaws into spring and summer, Steamboat locals and visitors alike flock to the wonderful amenity of the Yampa River, flowing through downtown, or to Emerald Mountain for world-class mountain biking. Named “Ski Town USA” and also “Bike Town USA”, there is never a shortage of adventure, no matter the season.

While Steamboat is quickly establishing itself as a luxury destination with the friendly western feel, unlike many of our neighboring resort towns in Colorado, there are still plenty of options for real estate intenders without a seven-figure budget. You can still find ski-in, ski-out condominiums located directly on the slopes of the Steamboat Ski Area for under $200,000 USD.

Steamboat1$875,000 USD | Steamboat Springs, Colorado | Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty

Those with more luxurious taste will appreciate properties such as this exquisitely remodeled La Casa Condominium. This modern masterpiece includes hardwood flooring, custom railings, innovative lighting, custom wall murals and wraparound decks.

Still, as Steamboat has become a popular destination for retirees and young professional telecommuters seeking a lifestyle change, there is unprecedented demand for properties $1 million and up, putting Steamboat on the map of Colorado’s luxury resort areas.

Steamboat2$3,950,000 USD | Steamboat Springs, Colorado | Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty

Located at the gateway to the Steamboat Ski Area, this one-of-a-kind 10,000 square foot home in The Porches neighborhood offers the opportunity to live luxuriously, with the amenities of a full-service resort, including concierge, shuttle, pool and hot tubs, fitness center, kids’ room and more. The home is spacious and grand, with four stone surround gas fireplaces, professional kitchen, media room, climbing wall and five-car garage.

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Steamboat3$9,000,000 USD | Steamboat Springs, Colorado | Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty

In late January, the $9 million sale of Wildflower Meadows, an approximately 10,000-square-foot mountain estate on over 154 acres just minutes from downtown Steamboat, marked the highest residential sale in Steamboat’s history. Both the buyer and seller were represented by Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty in the transaction.

As one might expect, with the ranching heritage that is at the core of what makes Steamboat so unique, the real estate market has quite a robust Farm & Ranch niche. When we say “Farm & Ranch” we mean true Farm & Ranch properties and everything that goes along with them – from fixing fences to burning ditches, cattle grazing operations to agricultural leases, conservation easements to water rights.

Steamboat4$12,950,000 USD | Steamboat Springs, Colorado | Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty

Just five minutes outside of Steamboat Springs, Steamboat River Ranch is the jewel of the Elk River Valley, with irrigated meadows, abundant wildlife including elk, deer, eagles and sand hill cranes, and a balanced compound of residences and improvements for ranching operations. An angler’s paradise, the over 490 acres includes Elk River frontage with world class fishing.

StBt_FacebookThis guest blog was provided by Traci Smith, director of marketing, at Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty.

Market Spotlight | Berlin, Germany

Berlin hero

A city as diverse as its living spaces, Berlin is well known for its cultural highlights and vibrant arts and music scene. Many people are drawn in by the multiculturalism and different atmospheres within the city. New residents are adding to the creative and entrepreneurial spirits, with Berlin being an attractive business ground for many start-ups. Whether you choose to escape the busy hub to a more relaxing setting, or find your home above the rooftops of the city, let us take you on a journey through Berlin.

Berlin112.550.000 € EUR |Berlin, Germany | Berlin Sotheby’s International Realty

This 1924 built, monument protected villa in a 17th century French style is located in Dahlem, the most exclusive and prestigious area of Berlin. Dahlem is known for its historic villas, grand parks and old forests, offering a high living quality. The proximity to the popular Kurfürstendamm shopping mile and Grunewald’s excellent sport and entertainment facilities make this an excellent location to reside at. The villa is built on a large property and showcases a green, park-like garden that can be viewed from the many terraces and balconies. The historic gas lanterns lead towards the grand entrance of the Villa, which offers 8,072 square-feet of living space on three floors.  Next to a library with a winter garden, the music and fireplace room offer plenty of space to host guests. The interior is of the house is highlighted through wood paneling on the walls, silk wallpaper and beautiful ceiling ornaments.

Berlin22.542.000 € EUR | Berlin, Germany | Berlin Sotheby’s International Realty

Pariser Straße is one of the most sought after addresses in Berlin due to its central location within Berlin and the exclusive lifestyle this area has to offer. The proximity to the world famous Kurfürstendamm shopping-mile and the popular Ludwigkirchplatz offer many opportunities for entertainment and gourmet delights. The building was built in 1905 and renovated in 2016, during which the modern penthouse with its exquisite rooftop terrace was added. On 2,335 square-feet you will find three bedrooms and 3-and-one-half bathrooms, each with 138 feet high ceilings, floor heating and air conditioning. A wonderful fire place is found in the spacious living room and only the newest and best appliances are found in the kitchen.

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Berlin33.750.000 € EUR | Berlin, Germany | Berlin Sotheby’s International Realty

With an elevator opening directly into this 3,444-square-foot loft there is an immediate moment of astonishment. The light filled, open spaces offer comfort within a luxurious surrounding. From the fitted designer kitchen over the spacious dressing room, a freestanding bathtub and sauna, everything has been designed to fit the highest demand. With two terraces and a private rooftop terrace, this apartment allows for plenty of outside space and an amazing view over the city. The location within the heart of Berlin-Charlottenburg is very popular within the upper class, as the Kurfürstendamm offers many inviting boutiques and gourmet restaurants, and the area is filled with old-style buildings and alluring avenues

Berlin4469.000 € EUR | Berlin, Germany | Berlin Sotheby’s International Realty

This elegant houseboat allows you to live a penthouse lifestyle on the water, whilst having the freedom to explore the inland waters and European shores. Watch the seasons change from the 1,076-square-foot rooftop terrace. Stay off the grid with solar panels, sewage treatment and filtered drinking water.  Advanced German engineering and exquisite design is tailored to your needs in order to fulfill all your wishes to a personal houseboat. From a sauna, jacuzzi and floor heating to a walk-in-in closet and a fireplace, anything can be realized on this exclusive project.

Berlin-LogoThis guest blog was provided by Fabienne Cezanne of Berlin Sotheby’s International Realty

Market Spotlight | Nashville, Tennessee


Known affectionately as the “Country Music Capital of the World,” Nashville, Tennessee is a city garnering a lot of attention. Let’s check in with Lawrence Lipman, owner; and Jasper Tollett, managing broker, of the Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty for their insight into Nashville’s market.

“While its deep-rooted Southern charms remain as pronounced as ever, it’s no secret that Nashville is undergoing the kind of sudden contemporary makeover that only a few cities around the United States have experienced,” says Tollett. “Buzz surrounding the city has been off the charts in recent years, as steady job growth and its reputation as an entrepreneurial haven have yielded a massive influx of development; more than $2 billion worth of new projects have led none other than the New York Times to deem Nashville an ‘It’ city. Naturally, increased interest in the area is also reshaping the residential landscape.”

Nashville1$3,485,000 USD | Nashville, Tennessee | The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty

With all the publicity pertaining to Nashville, we are now one of the top cities for relocation,” says Lipman. “We have a progressive market; our inventory is low and interest rates are still extremely reasonable. Thus, our market is quite active.”

Nashville2$1,690,000 USD | Nashville, Tennessee | The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty

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“Trending neighborhoods throughout Nashville speak to the myriad of lifestyle options available in the city,” Tollett continues. “Belle Meade, for example, has become home to captains of industry, entertainment legends and even a former U.S. vice president – which is why Forbes described it as one of the ’25 Best Places to Retire Rich.’

Nashville3$2,595,000 USD | Nashville, Tennessee | The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty

“While Nashville is famous for being the home of Andrew Jackson, as well as the home of former vice president Al Gore,” Tollett says, “other celebrities that call Nashville home are, Dolly Parton, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Wynonna Judd, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Carrie Underwood just to name a few.”

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Market Spotlight | Tour of Canada

Canada is well known for it’s vast natural landscapes and cosmopolitan cities, these offer a quality of life that consistently make it rank amongst the world’s best places to visit and live. From west to east, some of Canada’s most significant destinations and cities are featured here:

West Vancouver, British Columbia

westvancouver$19,900,000 | West Vancouver, British Columbia | Sotheby’s International Realy Canada

Set against the striking scenery of the North Shore Mountains, West Vancouver offers easy access to nature, along with luxurious urban amenities and real estate. The community comprises neighborhoods renowned for their prestigious homes and estates, and sweeping views of Howe Sound.

This architectural concrete, glass and steel masterpiece emits both style and grace. Not merely built on the waterfront but rather carved into the rock-face so as to be perfectly set into the property. Additionally, this brilliance in design provides interesting rock-face features in the interior. Steps to the 190 feet of waterfront include multi-platforms for outdoor activities, and at the same time, total and complete privacy from the world.

Whistler, British Columbia

whistler$4,388,000 | Whistler, British Columbia | Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

Located in British Columbia’s spectacular Coast Mountains, Whistler is one of North America’s premier four season resorts, internationally renowned as the site of the alpine and Nordic venues for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Its epic skiing and snowboarding, vibrant alpine village and majestic mountains haven’t just captured the attention of visitors— Whistler real estate has also attracted buyers and real estate investors from across British Columbia and around the world.

Sitting above Creekside, Ursa Minor, or Little Bear, is located in sought after and exclusive Bear Creek Estates. This very tasteful and well thought out custom built West Coast contemporary Whistler chalet has everything one could want in a mountain retreat. Overlooking Alpha Lake, this five-bedroom, 4500 square foot property boasts endless views, covered patios with hot tubs, outdoor fire places and most importantly, a cozy living room to retreat to when the snow starts to fall.

Calgary, Alberta

calgary$30,000,000 | Calgary, Alberta | Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

Set in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at the intersection of the Bow and Elbow rivers, Calgary, Alberta exudes innovation, energy and a uniquely Western Canadian hospitality. As the largest metropolitan area between Vancouver and Toronto, Calgary is home to over 1.1 million people. It’s a global energy leader and a welcoming frontier for business and investment, which has helped the robust Calgary real estate market expand rapidly.

Kestrel Ridge Farm is framed by awe-provoking terrain, this world-class equestrian facility offers a magnificent natural backdrop for horse fanatics, aspiring riders and enthusiastic mountaineers drawn to the captivating beauty of Calgary. Warmth and charm can be felt throughout this spacious, grand estate with extensive modern amenities custom designed for family function with six bedrooms, six bathrooms, six-vehicle garage, carriage house, greenhouse, outdoor sport court, indoor salt-water swimming pool, enclosed summer kitchen and separate 3,700-square-foot guest house that doubles as staff quarters.

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Toronto, Ontario

toronto$5,475,000 | Toronto, Ontario | Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

With its rich history, breathtaking architecture and cultural diversity, Toronto, Ontario is Canada’s financial and business capital, a cosmopolitan city that has turned heads on the global stage both for its economic influence and its reputation as one of the safest, cleanest and greenest cities.

This Theatre Park penthouse features four Bedrooms, a library, two sweeping wrap around terraces with panoramic views of Lake Ontario and Downtown Toronto.

Muskoka Lakes, Ontario

muskoka$3,195,000 | Dwight, Ontario | Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

Located just two hours north of Toronto, Muskoka is a popular cottage country destination for vacationers from across Ontario. With more than 2,000 sparkling lakes covering 14,000 kilometers of shoreline, Muskoka is an ideal destination for boaters, fishers, swimmers, bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Carved into the granite of the Canadian Shield, this one of a kind lakefront home has an open concept living, dining and kitchen area encased in floor to ceiling glass walls that reveal breathtaking lake views and stunning western exposure sunsets.

Westmount, Quebec

westmount$18,500,000 | Westmount, Quebec | Sotheby’s International Realty Quebec

Westmount, a prestigious enclave of Montreal, is situated on the southern face of Mount Royal’s southernmost peak, and extends from its summit to the plateau at the foot of the mountain. Within this area of just four square kilometres are some of the most prestigious homes and real estate in Canada. Its majestic Victorian architecture is so notable that in 2012, Westmount was added to Canada’s list of historically significant sites.

The landmark and storied Timmins Estate near the peak of Mount Royal offers not only panoramic views of the entirety of Montreal and beyond, but is also seen as this city’s premiere property.

Comprised of the main house (10 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, three powder rooms) and an attached coach house and sitting on 43,000 square-feet of land, this majestic Jacobean stone mansion was designed by famed architects Ross and Macfarlane and built in 1910 for Lieutenant-Colonel Charles A. Smart.

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