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Getting away from it all means rest, relaxation and recreation— all pleasures synonymous with owning a luxury lake house.

Whether situated along the banks of Lake Como in Italy, adjacent to pristine Lake Tahoe in Nevada or at water’s edge at Lake Worth in Florida’s Palm Beach County, lake properties provide endless opportunities to kick back in a setting that showcases Mother Nature.

In many ways, lake houses are the ultimate getaways, satisfying the wishes and whims of those fortunate to call them home. Boomers in their buying years view them as long-term assets worth adding to their real estate portfolios. Lake estates not only serve as quiet, pastoral refuges from the stresses of everyday life but are often soft adventure playgrounds for those with a thirst for the sporting life. Recreational options fuel the second-home economy.

In the heat of the summer, swimming, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting and scuba diving can cool off the body and lift the spirits — just beyond a lake house’s doorstep. Properties equipped with deepwater docks offer the perfect perch from which to cast a fishing pole or cast off in an inner tube. Lake settings can enhance even life’s simplest pleasures: a glass of wine, a good book and an afternoon nap.

In areas that enjoy four-season climes, lakeside properties serve as the antidote to the winter doldrums. As the temperatures dip below the freezing point, a lake can beckon to the great outdoors for skiing, ice skating, or to simply breathe in the crisp morning air.

Amenity-filled lake homes that have open floor plans and multiple indoor and outdoor living spaces to accommodate large crowds are especially coveted. For one thing, many lake homes are purchased as legacy properties, used for extended family vacations with the intent of eventually passing them down to the next generation. Homes situated on the lot to capture sunlight and unobstructed views bring a premium. Their inspirations are drawn from nature and the result is high impact--and high demand.

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