Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Bainbridge Island, Washington États-Unis
Real Estate Agent

Kristi Nelson

Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Bainbridge Island, Washington États-Unis

A licensed broker since 1994, Kristi Nelson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her clients while representing their real estate needs of all price points and property types. Over the years, she has developed an in-depth knowledge base of market trends and the unique neighborhoods that are such a part of the Bainbridge Island landscape.  She anticipates her clients’ needs and gracefully sees the whole process through from start to finish.

After graduating from the University of North Texas with a Business and Marketing degree, she began selling residential real estate in the Dallas, Texas area before moving to Washington state in 1998. While living on Bainbridge Island, she became experienced in real estate construction, development, and design, and gained experience in the marketing and sale of new development properties.

“I believe my background in construction and design allows me to show my clients the most cost effective ways to improve their home for selling purposes or to be able to see a bigger picture of what they could do with a home they might be considering purchasing,” says Kristi.

With her friendly, straightforward and caring approach, Kristi quickly builds trust with her clients while never losing sight of her goal to provide them the best service she can. And, as a mother of school aged children, Kristi fully appreciates the extraordinary lifestyle and allure of Bainbridge Island and the Pacific Northwest. “When clients from other areas visit here, it’s fun watching them look around as if they have found a hidden treasure- because that is exactly how I felt when I moved here and I feel blessed to be able to raise my family here”.

Whether searching for the perfect home, selling a property, or seeking an opportunity for investment, Kristi will make and treat every decision with the care and attention it deserves to make your experience as stress and trouble free as possible.

240 Winslow Way E.
Bainbridge Island, Washington, 98110 États-Unis