Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Houston, Texas États-Unis
Real Estate Agent

Hillory Chung

Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Houston, Texas États-Unis
Hillory Chung brings local and national experience to more than a decade dedicated to real estate. Licensed in both New York and Texas, Hillory has been involved in every facet of securing successful property transactions while managing commercial property groups. Wearing a variety of hats, Hillory spent six years managing one of New York City’s largest REIT’s ensuring that tenant retention increased over time and large scale commercial properties retained value. Strategic and thoughtful, Hillory channels the day-to-day practical knowledge gained from governing and responding to the needs of hundreds of New York City tenants, into opportunities for Houston home owners.

From years working with both sellers and buyers, Hillory brings a 360 degree perspective to each client relationship and understands the anxieties, expectations and challenges from both points of view. She also understands the security that comes from engaging in a transaction where all parties feel confident in the end result. From appraisals to construction, Hillory brings knowledge, sophisticated experience and tenacity to every step of the process, excelling at selling properties quickly and for the highest possible dollar. She is certified to work with relocation clients who are transferred to and from Houston through their companies, and excels in working with clients from other cultures.

A native Houstonian, Hillory is thrilled to continue her career in a city she remembers fondly from her childhood and in which she now has the opportunity to raise her children. A volunteer at South Hampton Montessori, River Oaks Baptist School, Halo House, Susan G. Komen and Goodwill Hillory is vested in giving back to her city, donating time to causes that benefit her community and the families and businesses she works with.