Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Houston, Texas États-Unis
Real Estate Agent

DeeAnn Gates

Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Houston, Texas États-Unis
DeeAnn Gates wasn’t born in Houston but she got here as fast as she could. DeeAnn has lived in the Houston area since 1972 and has more than 21 years of real estate expertise.

Clients find DeeAnn’s easy and open style of communication reassuring and encouraging. Understanding the anxiety buyer and sellers experience, she strives to be pro-active and prepare them for what to expect in each step of their transaction. “Education and preparation leads to less stress and success!” DeeAnn says. She has more than 20 years of experience working with major third-party relocation companies that move employees in and out of the Houston Metropolitan Area. DeeAnn understands the stress of a transfer, especially an unanticipated one, and the anxieties involved for a trailing spouse and family.

DeeAnn is part of The HomeCoach Team, ranked among the top one percent of real estate teams in the United States. Her organizational skills and experience in all aspects of contracts and real estate, from relocation to REOs, keep The HomeCoach Team’s commitment to educating clients about Houston’s idiosyncrasies and trend helps clients gain focus, define their goals and feel confident when it is time to take action. The HomeCoach Team philosophy extends to all clients regardless of price-point, whether they are high-level corporate transferees, first-time buyers, or investors looking for income-producing properties to diversify their portfolio.

The enviable repeat and multi-generational business enjoyed by DeeAnn and the HomeCoach Team is a testimony to the client confidence they inspire.