Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Boston, Massachusetts  
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Gamble Wiseman

Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Boston, Massachusetts

As a true historian, Gamble Wiseman carries Boston's pride at heart. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Gamble continued his studies in Boston, majoring in History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies at Nyack College and Salem State University.

A resident of Walpole where he has lived for the past 12 years, Gamble is currently devoting his time to leasing properties out of Gibson Sotheby's International Realty's South End office.

His passion for history has led him to become exceptionally diligent and attentive to detail, creating a balanced skill set he continues to hone as seamless. Prior to working in real estate Gamble was the manager of a martial arts studio and rock climbing gym. An avid athlete since 1998, he continues to run a Karate school in Randolph. He is also a contributor to Ehlers Danlos National Fund.

Gamble's long-term goal is becoming an exclusive expert of the Boston area, specifically for commercial sales and leasing. His profound love for the city pushes him to learn more about what the city has to offer so that he is able to assist each client with all of their needs.

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