Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Darien, Connecticut États-Unis
Real Estate Agent

Ben Anthony

Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Darien, Connecticut États-Unis
Thank you for viewing my page.I am grateful and looking forward in the opportunity to 'exclusively' serve you!

3 words that describe me would be: Tenacious. Resourceful. Courteous. These traits have been at the core of my experiences - which benefit me in the business of Real Estate and obtaining results.

I entered Real Estate because I truly embrace the idea of being there for others. Customer Service. I embrace being supportive. Connecting to a system such as Sotheby's enables me to assist clients in making one of life's most challenging decisions. Buying & Selling a home.

I want to provide sound reasoning in assisting my clients. Advice. I am resourceful with information and my ability to thoroughly research market data. The experts at Sotheby's gives me a knowledgeable edge as a Realtor.

Before entering Real Estate, I went to school for Communications. The Financial sector was interesting to me so I became a Loan Officer during the downslide of 2008. Although I was able to help a lot of people recover from losing their homes, I wanted to do more. I concluded that I was equally passionate about Architecture and Design. A home is an expression of art. A meeting place of comfort and security. I wanted to assist in the experience of home ownership. Sotheby's helps me to accomplish this.

From a marketing standpoint, I provide focus and information. Availability. I am willing to work at all times of the day and long hours into the night. I want to assist in getting my clients a home. Helping them to move forward in an efficient and timely manner.

My past clients would describe me as "dedicated" and always able to found a way to provide "answers" on their schedules and times.

I chose Sotheby's for their Culture. Team comradery. I was openly received as a Realtor and I found a tremendous support system that will aide me in servicing my clients. Everyone is genuine and friendly. I felt that the team understood customer service in a professional manner. I am confident I have the resources in place to determine success for all of my clients.

The words I would use to describe the branding power of Sotheby's: Confidence, Loyalty & Trust. The Blue Sign is a beacon to the Real Estate Industry everywhere. No matter what state I am in when I travel, I'm proud to know I am represented by character & quality.

Sotheby's is up to date with technology and website tools for clients. Since I am a student to communications, I appreciate the idea that I can provide real time information on all of my devices. I have the ability showcase images and details of homes at a high capacity. The added ability to sign documents in the field via the right software ensures a swift execution towards the Real Estate process.

The most important thing about me that I would like for you to know when choosing me as your Agent is that I am available. I sincerely want the opportunity to serve you in the purchase, rental or sale of your new home!

Qualifications: Courtier agréé
1057 Post Road
Darien, Connecticut, 06820 États-Unis