Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Toronto, Ontario Canada
Real Estate Agent

Bradford Payne

Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Toronto, Ontario Canada
Bradford Payne has been on just about every side of a real estate transaction. From buying, building or investing, he’s learned many valuable lessons firsthand. Taking upon this experience, he is very thorough when performing exploratory research and personal consultations. His mission is to understand what his clients are looking to accomplish and create a blueprint for success. As a trusted professional, Bradford understands that his input can create a ripple effect on an individual or a family for years to come. A former Sales and Marketing Director in the electronics industry, Bradford has worked with a myriad of conventional and “out of the box” marketing initiatives. This experience has proven invaluable in teaching him that no one magic formula exists for any given property. With a passion for residential architecture, Bradford is well versed in many types of period residences and building processes.
1867 Yonge Street, Suite 100
Toronto, Ontario, M4S 1Y5 Canada