Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Denver, Colorado États-Unis
Real Estate Agent

Derek Chisholm

Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Denver, Colorado États-Unis

Derek entered the real estate industry in 2015 after purchasing his first home. Quickly realizing he had made the best decision in his own life, he had to share his discovery. Having a passion for helping others achieve financial freedom is the reason Derek became a Realtor. With five years of professional experience in venture capital, financial operations, and stock analysis, he knows the value of careful methodical research before making big decisions.

Derek has had great success in investing, both in the real estate market and stock markets. In real estate, he strives to be on the forefront of market knowledge. Driving neighborhoods, reading newspaper articles, and continually monitoring a neighborhoods progress have given him the skills to anticipate positive changes prior to purchasing his properties. His savvy fundamental approach to picking stocks allows him to see the long-term picture and make rewarding decisions based on both qualitative and quantitative aspects of a business. Understanding the financial reports and start-up capitalization tables has given him an edge in picking stocks. Helping his customers seek out and capture profitable investments is an area Derek thrives in.

An avid sports enthusiast, Derek takes part in many local community volleyball leagues and ski clubs. You can expect to find him on the slopes throughout Summit County and volunteering at skiing and snowboarding competitions. You may have also seen him perform piano or theater on-stage in downtown Denver. Derek works hard and stays close to the many things he loves in Colorado.

When considering your real estate broker, Derek is someone you can trust with your future. He takes pride in his service and puts your own goals miles ahead of his own. There is no greater accomplishment than providing his customers with a satisfying and successful real estate journey.

Qualifications: Agent
100 St. Paul Street
Suite 200, Denver, Colorado, 80206 États-Unis