Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Oloron, Aquitaine  
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Jean Muro

Professionnel de l'Immobilier à Oloron, Aquitaine

"Agence Iluro" is owned and managed by Jean Estève Muro, a certified accountant and former accountancy professor with more than 25 years of experience in the residential real estate business. After having founded, operated and later sold his own brokerages, Mr. Muro acquired in the late 1990ies the well - known "Agence Iluro" which boats a 50 - year - tradition in its hometown (Iluro being the Latin name for the town of Oloron Sainte Marie).

Agence Iluro Sotheby's International Realty
12, Avenue Sadi Carnot
Oloron, Aquitaine 64400 France   
Téléphone: ­+33 (0)5 59 39 54 18
Téléphone: ­+33 (0)5 59 39 03 78