Custom Built Wine Cellars

Custom Built Wine CellarsAging Gracefully

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Where real estate prices are going may be up for debate, but it’s definitely a cellar’s market.

Wine cellar, that is.

For grape enthusiasts who enjoy well-aged wines, homes with wine cellars are both a practicality and a quality-of-life amenity.

Free-standing cooling systems are available that come with wine management system software. For the serious collector, however, there is no substitute for a custom- wine cellar. Today’s wine cellars are anything but dusty dugouts. At the high end of the market are well-appointed showplaces crafted out of exotic woods, imported stone and equipped with high tech security like fingerprint-reader systems.

The cost of a wine cellar can top a half-million. The more dramatic, the bigger the point of distinction when a home comes onto the market. Of course, “cellars” can be built in just about any room--off the kitchen, in a utility closet or a spare bedroom. Some are even secreted away. Many homeowners build them adjacent to their home theaters and entertainment areas so that they serve as extensions of their social spaces, although vibrations can affect the aging process.

Luxury wine cellar contractors have been known to emulate wine storage systems of the great chateaus of centuries ago--but with updated technology involving insulation systems, cooling, vapor barrier envelopes and mold inhibitors.

For wine connoisseurs, a cellar is experiential. It’s about the feel of the cool air and the anticipation of the selection. And then there is the satisfaction of having the foresight to build a custom wine cellar to enjoy the best wines money could buy--years ago. Cellars aren’t just for storing wines. They are the places to age them. Since selection is highest and price lowest at the time of a wine’s release, a bottle that matures in a wine cellar could be worth many times its original price by the time it hits its peak.

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