Professionnel de l'immobilier dans McLean, Virginia États-Unis
Real Estate Agent

Fahed Khatib

Professionnel de l'immobilier dans McLean, Virginia États-Unis
Originally hailing from Jordan, Fahed Khatib joined TTR Sotheby's after completing his schooling in institutions across the globe. He brings with him years of experience in the private sector, having worked in distribution in Venezuela and branding for Hayadi in Virginia.

Fahed graduated from the New English School in Amman, continuing with his post-secondary education in Jordan and Venezuela. After moving to the US, Fahed quickly became involved in his local community, establishing a large social and professional network in the Northern Virginia and DC areas. His diverse education and work experience have been invaluable when interacting with clients.

Fluent in English, Spanish, and Arabic, Fahed has a passion for working with people from all cultural backgrounds. He gained valuable experience in international sales and lifestyles while spending time in Venezuela, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Canada, and numerous European countries. His time spent internationally and domestically have allowed him to easily navigate through language and cultural barriers, which has proven to be incredibly useful in his line of work.

Fahed currently lives in Arlington, VA, where he maintains a busy social and professional schedule. Meeting new people, traveling, skiing, and being near any body of water are just a few ways Fahed likes to spend his time away from the office. Some of his favorite memories include growing up around the Jordanian royal family, diving in Los Roques, and skiing in Austria.

6723 Whittier Ave
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