Professionista immobiliare in West Hollywood, California Stati Uniti
Real Estate Agent

Jennice Ann Tronciale

Professionista immobiliare in West Hollywood, California Stati Uniti
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jennice began her real estate career in 2001 after a successful run in the fashion industry working in Sales & Design Merchandising for some of the biggest manufacturers in the U.S. Her ability to sell, design and manage large-scale production and negotiate with international companies led her to working directly with manufacturers throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America. At the time, she had no idea just how crucial these skills would be for her career in Real Estate.

As a young girl, Jennice spent every summer helping her grandmother rehab and manage apartment buildings she owned throughout the city. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the distinctive architecture of Los Angeles and to develop a keen eye for color and finishes. During a chance meeting with two top realtor/developers drawn to her design aesthetic, Jennice was offered a very rare opportunity - to design/consult and project manage the renovation of several homes throughout Los Angeles. This experience was invaluable and led to her ability to see beyond the structure of a house in order to realize its full potential. This made her an asset to developers, and coupled with her love of design and architecture, has led to much success with high-end investors, especially along Santa Monica’s Gold Coast and Malibu’s La Costa Beach. She has developed and sold the three highest priced homes per square foot in the area.

Jennice prides herself on her professionalism and her end goal is not only to make her clients happy, but satisfied that their investments are sound. She doesn’t see this as a short-term effort. As she takes her clients through properties, she loves to discuss creative ways to address what a client might see as a drawback, and because of this honesty and enthusiastic participation, her clients tend to stay in contact with her long after the sale, seeking advice on everything from renovations to furnishing choices. It’s these kinds of relationships that set Jennice apart from her peers and make her an invaluable resource for anyone who looks to maximize their investment and create a beautiful environment they can call home.
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