Professionista immobiliare in Bothell, Washington Stati Uniti
Real Estate Agent

Nick Nicon

Professionista immobiliare in Bothell, Washington Stati Uniti
Nick Nicon is an experienced real estate broker on Seattle's Eastside with a rich background selling everything from very high end properties to entry level condos and starter homes for first time buyers. He treats each transaction with the same level of attention and care, representing Marketplace Sotheby's International Realty's commitment to luxury service at every price point. Nick's family has been involved in real estate in varying arenas from architecture, to building new developments, to investing since the 1800's. He enjoys applying this experience in diverse aspects of the industry. Nick enjoys working with both buyers and sellers to establish meaningful relationships and is dedicated to helping them achieve their real estate goals. He is a hard worker with a never give up attitude. Upon meeting Nick, clients are impressed by his exceptional communication skills and patience. In Nick's spare time he enjoys all Pacific Northwest activates spanning from fishing, hiking, camping, boating and hunting.
19122 Beardslee Blvd
Suite 204, Bothell, Washington, 98011 Stati Uniti