CalBRE# 01504785
Professionista immobiliare in San Carlos, California Stati Uniti
Real Estate Agent

Bill Hoolhorst

CalBRE# 01504785
Professionista immobiliare in San Carlos, California Stati Uniti

I love Sales and Marketing. It is both a Science and an Art. Several decades in Silicon Valley have taught me how important it is understand the product, the purchase process, and the emotion of buyers and sellers. I also love Real Estate. The product is different, but the process and emotion are the same.My wife and I built our house from the ground up in the 70s. For two and a half years we cut lumber and pounded nails. I have an appreciation for architecture and construction.

I invested early in real estate and eventually sold several rentals to finance my children's college (Stanford and Boston University). I love Real Estate. If I were to live another life I would be an artist, I have that flare. Or maybe an inventor because, being an early Silicon Valley participant, I love technology. Although those dreams are past, I have been lucky enough to have combined those desires in my real estate business by incorporating the latest leading edge technology to the art of selling real estate.

MESSAGE TO BUYERS: "You can walk into a home and feel its personality, sense its character. Whether contemporary or traditional, a home, like a work of art, is something to fall in love with. The trick, as a matchmaker, is matching the heart of the buyer with the soul of the home." 

MESSAGE TO SELLERS: I believe that every home has its own story and unique appeal. I also believe in using the latest technology when selling homes. As a realtor listing homes I have combined these beliefs by developing a wonderfully effective marketing strategy to give maximum expose to my client's property. I tell the story of each home, and I often sell through "mini-movies" which I personally shoot, direct and narrate. These movies are not only fun and unique, but they also work.

I carefully monitor the website traffic of all my movie premieres. I can tell you how many people have seen a movie, I can tell when they saw it, and I can tell what city they live in. This enables me to measure the effectiveness of ads and electronic postings. In whatever cycle we are going into, a Buyer's market or a Seller's market; sellers need an agent who brings massive marketing power when selling their homes.

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San Carlos, California, 94070 Stati Uniti
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