> "Weststrand" Residences - Villa Marlene

"Weststrand" Residences - Villa Marlene
Kuhlungsborn, メクレンブルク=フォアポンメルン 18225 ドイツ 

概要 "Weststrand" Residences - Villa Marlene

Located directly on the Bay of Mecklenburg, the Kühlungsborn seaside resort is one of the largest spa and health resorts on the German coast. Large, but never hectic! With its pleasant paths and sun-dappled glades, the urban forest generously invites visitors to explore. At nearly four kilometres, the longest boardwalk in Germany beckons with a fully unobstructed view of the sea. The blue of the Baltic Sea together with the brilliant white facades of stately, classic villas in resort architecture style create an elegant play of colours. With a maritime, almost Mediterranean touch, the Kühlungsborn seaside resort has presented itself as a charming location for effortless relaxation for nearly 130 years. Casually welcoming guests to a dream of Baltic Sea wind. An internationally trendsetting ensemble is in development in a unique beach location in the western part of the Kühlungsborn seaside resort. A total of 27 luxury villas will be built on spacious properties 800 to 2,300 sm in size with 150 to 300 sm of living space. These villas have a lot to offer: In addition to their prime location directly on the Baltic Sea, the classic buildings captivate with their elegance and joie de vivre. Laterally arranged entryways offer the utmost privacy, and classic columns or tasteful balconies give the residences both a stately flair and a Venetian feel. With "Villa Charlotte", "Villa Alexandrine" and "Villa Luise", three different types of villas are available to create a fully personalised dream house on the sea. The new exclusive housing estate ideally combines nature and infrastructure in a perfect location to enjoy the sun and sea – with enduring elegance. This estate will be located on one of the last available Baltic Sea properties in the region – directly between Kühlungsborn and the Riedensee nature reserve area. The nature conservation requirements were thoroughly taken into account during development. Here, one lives surrounded by bird calls and the timeless sounds of the sea. Like a star of the Golden Twenties Villa Marlene shines against the backdrop of the stunning Baltic coast. Inspired by the myth and named after Marlene Dietrich, who fascinated the German culture with her artistic charm in the last century. Distant and beautiful, the selected property imposes. Characteristic features are the clear structured, architectural elements of the New Objectivity. The Bel Étage ecstasizes en suite with a sun-drenched adjoining room. The combined living and dining area is unique, innovative and separated from each other by the staircase and the chimney. The open arranged terrace is overtopped by the balcony of the master bedroom of the Etage Supérieur. The generosity is completed by the luxurious master bath with bath tub and sauna., two more bedrooms also Generously present themselves to their guests. In its entirety, the Villa Marlene matches colour-coordinated in the interior and is dazzlingly beautiful to the outside. Price includes land. Details for the individual properties can be found in a separate price list.


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3,810 平方フィート
価格 :
$592 / 平方 フィート
482 € / 平方 フィート