Land in Patagonia Argentina
RN 3 Km 2214, Puerto San Julian, サンタクルス 9210 アルゼンチン 

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Estancia Playa Grande features 28 km (17.5 miles) of coast over the Atlantic Ocean. Is the Argentinean Patagonia in its most frank expression. It is located in Santa Cruz province, on National Route N°3, 30 km (18.65 miles) from Puerto San Julián. It covers a total surface of 30,203 ha (74,663 acres). To the North it borders Estancia Mata Grande; to the West, La Margarita and Los Machos. To the South it borders Estancia Los Machos again, rented by the world renowned Benetton family. The manor is 170 square meters (1,829 sq. ft.) and it is comprised of four bedrooms and service quarters and another house for the employees. The property also features a house for sheepshearers and a shed of 300 square meters (3,229 sq. ft.) for sheep bell. The landscape is real Patagonic country on the very coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Hills and hillocks make a unique frame in the end of the world. The estancia is great for fishing, both on shore and on boat. There is a plentiful land fauna consisting of guanacos, ostriches and hares. Production: Sheep (3,000 nowadays) Sand and stone quarries Location: 426 km (264 miles) from Comodoro Rivadavia (2.30 hours flight from Buenos Aires) 414 km (257 miles) from Calafate (3.15 hours flight from Buenos Aires) 362 (225 miles) km from Río Gallegos (3.20 hours flight from Buenos Aires)


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