> > > The Legendary Y.O. Ranch - 29,000 +/- AC. Kerr Cou

The Legendary Y.O. Ranch - 29,000 +/- AC. Kerr Cou
Y.O. Ranch Road at Hwy 41 Mountain Home, テキサス 78058 アメリカ合衆国 

概要 Y.O. Ranch Road at Hwy 41

The Legendary Y.O. RANCH - 29,000 +/- Acres, Kerr Co.Mountain Home, TX.Captain Charles A. Schreiner, merchant, banker, philanthropist, and pioneer rancher, joined the Texas Rangers in 1854 and served with distinction until 1857, when he entered the cattle business in Kerr County. The Y.O. Ranch, purchased in 1880, became headquarters for the Schreiner Cattle Company, and the Live Oak Ranch, now forming portions of the Y.O., was headqu arters for its sheep operations. Throughout 5 generations, the ranch is notable for many firsts, including leasing land for hunting to provide income, establishing a registry for Texas Longhorns that brought the legendary breed back from the brink of extinction, and for introducing exotic hoof stock that earned the ranch a reputation world-wide as 'America's Original Game Ranch'.With an established infrastructure, it is a notable destination for native and exotic hunting, Longhorn cattle and animal auctions, ranch tours, social and corporate events, and superb recreation and relaxation. Native wildlife includes whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkey, quail and wild boar. Exotic wildlife includes Scimitar Horned Oryx, Blesbok antelope, Black Wildebeest, Beisa Oryx, Eland, Red Sheep, Persian Ibex, Pere David Deer, Barasingha Deer, Blackbuck antelope, Axis deer, Sika deer, Fallow deer, Ao udad sheep, and Corsican Ram among others. An innovative animal conservation program has assured strength of these herds and made the legendary Y.O. Ranch a world leader in exotic game preservation.Water: There are 30 +/- water wells on the ranch, with the majority in the Edward's Lime at 80-300 feet, with the remainder in the Trinity Aquifer. Most wells pump at 3-10 GPM. Edwards is found at 200-300 +/- feet and Trinity at 600 +/-Feet. Johnson Fork Creek, a seasonal Creek, holds pools of water in wet times and traverses through the northwest part of the ranch near Headquarters. Besides the abundance of subsurface water, there are a few tanks on the ranch. Water from the ranch drains north into the Llano River. There is one known sink hole in the Middle Pasture that drains south and recharges springs at the headquarters of the Guadalupe River.Improvements: The entire Y.O. Ra nch perimeter is high fenced with high/low fencing for 42 +/- pastures/traps. 75% of the perimeter has recent fencing. There are 10 +/- miles of paved entrance road with paved roads leading to each residence.Headquarters: There are 4 original historic buildings 7+/- miles from the gate on Hwy. 41. These buildings are enhanced by original log and frame structures that were brought to the ranch from the area and comprise the guest lodging. Main Lodge: This showplace has a 40 foot ceiling and thick walls of native stone with faded red planking of a Hill Country barn. There is a massive stone fireplace, turn of the century wood bar with mirrored back, and chandeliers fabricated from wagon wheels. A spiral staircase leads to a loft.Chuckwagon: 140' x 138'.Auction Barn with Holding pens: 200'x100' includes 80'x250' arena plus 10 stalls/pens on east side. Additional pens be hind barn. Newer large pens behind barn built for horse breeding facilities.McMinn's Home.Old Cabins: Crockett. Sam Houston - 100+ yr.old school house from Comfort. Boone - 1850s stagecoach stop. Wells Fargo - 1st post office from Boerne.Five Residences:#1 - 6,000 +/- s.f. 3 Br/3.5 baths. #2- 5,000 +/- s.f. 4 Br/4.5 baths.#3 - 4000 +/- s.f. 3 Br/2 baths. #4 - 3,500 +/- s.f. 4 Br/3 baths.#5- 3,300 +/- sf. 4 Br/3 baths.Other: Stables, staff homes, waterfall pool&spa with cabana, RV camp, and Adventure Camp. Y.O. Ranch airport (XS22) has a 2136' elevation and a 2110' runway.Vegetation: Native Live Oak and Post Oak trees, cedar, mesquite. The highest elevation is Gobbler's Knob at 2218 feet, with views across 4 counties.Schools: Kerrville I.S.D.Minerals: NegotiableTaxes: Agricultural/wildlife exemption.Location: The


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