Castillo Caribe, S Sound Rd, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands South Sound, グランドケイマン - ケイマン諸島

Castillo Caribe, Caribbean luxury real estate
  • $35,000,000 American Dollar

の詳細 Castillo Caribe, S Sound Rd, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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Castillo Caribe, S Sound Rd, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islandsの概要

Now you can have it all: Lifestyle, luxury, location and limited tax liability. Without doubt Castillo Caribe is one of the finest beachfront estate homes in the world offering every luxury for modern day life with all the lifestyle options one would expect from the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean. Although the Cayman Islands enjoy year round sunshine and a temperate climate, this benefit is eclipsed in most people’s eyes by the Islands’ offshore status. The Cayman Islands are well known as a financial centre on the world's stage and provide the highest quality of lifestyle available in a tax neutral environment, making it very appealing to people of high net worth to seek residency here - a position which is actively encouraged by the local government and, as a British Overseas Territory, is a very stable option. There are a number of destinations in the world that are able to offer offshore status to a greater or lesser degree but the Cayman Islands have no local taxes whatsoever: no property tax, no income tax, no capital gains tax and no inheritance tax. Castillo Caribe offers a rare opportunity to combine this with privacy, security, luxury and lifestyle all on a pristine white sandy beach overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. The space afforded here is too limited to provide adequate description of all the properties features and amenities, please request a detailed package by emailing: heather.carrigan@sothebysrealty.com Cayman Islands Sotheby's International Realty is a member of CIREBA.



Governor’s Square Seven Mile Beach
George Town, Grand Cayman Cayman Islands   
­Heather Carrigan
TEL: ­+1 345 525 3600­
TEL: ­+1 345 623 1234­
­Sheena Conolly
TEL: ­+1 345 525 3333­
TEL: ­+1 345 623 1234­


  • グラナイト・カウンタートップ
  • セキュリティシステム
  • ジャグジー
  • テニスコート
  • ビリヤードルーム
  • ハードウッド・フローリング
  • ヘリポート
  • 屋内フィットネスセンター
  • メディアルーム / ホームシアター
  • 屋外キッチン
  • 従業員用部屋
  • テラス / 屋外スペース
  • ワインセラー / グロット
  • アウトドアプール
  • Steam Shower
  • ウォーターフロント
  • オーシャンフロント


Of the three Islands surrounded by glistening turquoise waters that make up the Cayman Islands, the largest, Grand Cayman, is where the action is. This thriving tropical paradise is not just a tax-free haven known for off-shore banking and international finance. Grand Cayman is heralded for its year-round summer weather, excellent diving and snorkeling, scant crime and a well-planned infrastructure.

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