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The apartment in Chisty Prudy
  • $3,382 
    매월/미국 달러화
    200 000 руб RUB
    매월/Russian Ruble

에 대한 자세한 내용은 Chaplygin street

욕조 완비 욕실
평방 피트
평방피트당 가격
115 руб


Chaplygin street 사진 및 비디오


Chaplygin street, Moscow, 모스코 시티 : 소개

Fully furnished spacious 3-bedroom apartment in Chisty Prudy area in the walking distance to Lycée français de Moscou Alexandre Dumas is offered for a long-term rent. Renovated and furnished in classical style the apartment is ready to move-in.

Functional layout includes large living room, 3 bedrooms, a study, bathroom, guest toilet, fully equipped kitchen, closet. Heated floors, air conditioning. Secured entrance.


마켓팅 담당

“Riga Land” BC, 9 km of New 9 Km of New Riga Highway
Moscow City, Moscow   
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모스코 시티 : 소개

Moscow is a city more than eight centuries old, evolved from a hunting village on the Moskva River to the crown jewel of Eastern Europe. Iconic monuments such as St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square and the Kremlin are the soul of the city, yet expressions of its architectural and artistic achievements are everywhere, including its 100-plus parks, gardens and squares.

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