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Madrid, 마드리드, 28108 스페인

Where Serenity and Modern Architecture Meet
  • $9,927,700 미국 달러화9.200.000 € EUREuro

에 대한 자세한 내용은 Where Serenity and Modern Architecture Meet

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Where Serenity and Modern Architecture Meet, Madrid, 마드리드 : 소개

Architecture always reflects a way of living. Just as water reflects the blueness of the sky, it must be sharp, clear, crystalline. The WHITE HOUSE project seeks transparency, clarity, an aspiration: the marvel of being able to convert utopia in space. An inspiration: the colloquial architecture of Madrid and the depth of light, unfolding in infinite intensity. Totaling 1,700 sq. meters divided into three levels with seven suites, two modern kitchens, living room with chimney on the main floor and large open den perfect for entertaining on the basement level with wall to wall windows, spa area, “Endless Pool” and Turkish bath. The parcel totals 5,200 sq. meters enjoying a full-size pool, water fall walkway leading up to the house, spacious gardens with oak and pine trees reminiscent of a lush forest, various porches and an 8-car garage.

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마드리드 : 소개

Madrid is the geographic center of the Iberian Peninsula but it’s also the economic, power and cultural center of Spain, Europe’s third most populous city. An increasingly international city, Madrid has a well-rated quality of life with a cost of living less expensive than other major capitals like New York, Paris and London. Foreign investment has given rise to a number of expatriate population pockets.

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