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Fubon Manor
Songyong Rd., Xinyi Dist. Taipei City, Taiwan 110 대만 

부동산 소개 Songyong Rd., Xinyi Dist.

Area3,878.49 sq.ft. / 360.32 sq.m. / 108.99 pingFeatures Built by Fubon Construction, this palatial building boasts a grand and luxurious granite faandccedil;ade; awarded the first Green Building certification in the country by Taiwan's Ministry of the Interior. This development takes an eco-friendly approach towards its landscaping by protecting existing natural areas instead of adapting traditional landscaping practices. Residents can enjoy an extravagant 17,791.59 sq. ft. (1,652.89 sq. m.) of public facilities, including gym, karaoke, piano room, music room, gaming center, an exquisite outdoor rooftop swimming pool, and more. Featuring the state-of-the-art security level that is comparable to government officials' residences, Fubon Manor currently hosts residents of distinct status. A rare private garden surrounding the first floor unit, the owner can take refuge from the bustling city life in the privacy of their own home. With expansive floor space allotted to each residence, this one-of-a-kind listing is located in the most prime section of Xinyi District; the building also features earthquake-resistant construction and comprehensive security systems.


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Teresa Wu
전화: ­+886227170101­
6F, 99 Fuxing N. Rd Songshan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 105 Taiwan   

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에 대한 자세한 내용은 Songyong Rd., Xinyi Dist.

욕실 완비:
3,878.49 Sq Ft.
2.02 에이커
가격 :
$2,433 / 제곱피트
NT$76,844 / 제곱피트
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