> > > 3,000 sqm Boracay Beach Front Paradise

3,000 sqm Boracay Beach Front Paradise
Aklan, Luzon 필리핀 

부동산 소개 Brgy Yapak Municipality of Malay Province of Aklan Island of Panay

Boracay is truly an unforgettable destination. Tourists worldwide return again and again to keep falling in love with her charm. Annually its estimated 1.5 Million tourists are swept away by this magical place all year round which is no wonder why some make it their permanent home. Form almost any perspective on the island, the surrounding ocean beckons you with precious emerald greens and sapphire blues. Below, the crystal white coral sand is the canvas on which its cool water sits. This is not just any island, this is one shores. All around in this property's secluded spot of paradise mother-nature mystically swoons you. There are simply no ordinary days. Effortlessly enjoy the same beach every afternoon for a lifetime and you will never tire bidding your farewells to the setting sun. Each passing minute the clouds broadcast a spectrum of colours that are exclusive to this island alone. Seeing this magic is truly believing, with your eyes wide open to marvel in the delight of your surroundings, the islands nature will kiss your other senses and humbler even the most seasoned traveler. Opportunities for investment in Boracay are very limited, especially for those located on the perfect spot, right by the shores of the world-famous powder white sand beach of Boracay. There is a last remaining piece of paradise. This part of the island is available for the nature enthusiast and the visionary that can enhance her beauty. This is one of the last beachfront lots on the more serene side of the island. Stand and appreciate the sunset in the beautiful coves, roll up your pants and take walk on the powder-white sand beach and beautiful sea views. Perfect for the beach lovers who want their home by the best shore in the world, Boracay Beach.

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Unit 802 Eco Tower 32nd Street Corner 9th Avenue
Taguig, Luzon 1634 Philippines   

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