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Private Island in Aegean Sea
Other Northern Aegean, 노던 에게 11111 그리스 

부동산 소개 Aegean Sea

Located very close to Athens, half hour by speed boat. The average price is 100.000 Euros per 1.000 sq m of land and the purchase parcel may be from 130.000 sq m up to 500.000 sq m of land and the price is calculated accordingly, from 13 million up to 50 million euro. A number of international developers have shown great interest due to its unique location and proximity to Athens. It is appropriate for all uses such as residential for villas or hospitality units.


지도 & 방향 Private Island in Aegean Sea

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브로슈어 인쇄
Panagiotis Farmakis
전화: ­0030 695 168 8080­
전화: ­30210 9681070­
235 Karamanlis Avenue
Voula, Attiki 16673 Greece   

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3,767,365 Sq Ft.
가격 :
$12 / 제곱피트
9 € / 제곱피트
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개인 섬
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