Profissional do ramo imobiliário em: New York, Nova York Estados Unidos
Real Estate Agent

Debbie Korb

Profissional do ramo imobiliário em: New York, Nova York Estados Unidos
With a primary focus on downtown Manhattan, Debbie brings 21 years of experience to bear on high-end real estate sales. After working several years in related occupations, including as a paralegal at Sullivan & Cromwell, private banking at Morgan Bank and advertising sales at Conde Nast and Hearst, she finally discovered her passion in 1990: finding exceptional homes for exceptional people. Although the real estate market was in a downturn in 1990 when she began, she learned early on that certain properties still flourish in a down market. The elements that those properties possess are what Debbie counsels her buyers to be mindful of today: location, light and proportion. As a result, she can honestly say that she has never sold anyone a piece of real estate that they have regretted buying. In fact, most of her clients have done very well over the years on their real estate purchases, while enjoying their investment.

The majority of Debbie's clients are in the entertainment business, so she has learned the absolute value and necessity of discretion. The reward has been a lively referral business that allows her to focus on providing top service to buyers and sellers. In fact, many of her buyers have become sellers and then buyers again. Often her clients end up loving real estate as much as she does, which makes the process of buying and selling all the more fun. For Debbie, it is an incredibly satisfying way to earn a living.
149 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, Nova York, 10010 Estados Unidos