Profissional do ramo imobiliário em: Castle Rock, Colorado Estados Unidos
Real Estate Agent

Nancy Grisham

Profissional do ramo imobiliário em: Castle Rock, Colorado Estados Unidos

Nancy Grisham began her real estate career building homes, buying rental properties and flipping homes--years before it became the HGTV-thing-to-do.  Her ability to see homes for what they can be helps her clients consider opportunities that may otherwise be overlooked. Nancy’s background in business and education (she has a PhD), along with her joy of “caring for the client” offers her clients a high-integrity broker. She insists that each client has the best possible real estate experience, regardless of whether they are selling or buying a property.

Nancy begins the real estate process by determining her clients’ needs, desires, and goals.  An avid researcher and highly knowledgeable about Douglas County communities and amenities, she uncovers properties, neighborhoods and comparable pricing information. With these she arms her clients with the information they need to make educated real estate decisions about the homes that will best suit their lifestyles and interests.

Clients say working with Nancy is like working with a close friend.  Others says they appreciate her consistency, integrity, clear communication and knowledge of the real estate process.   As a respected professional in the real estate industry, Nancy never loses focus of the needs, desires and dreams of her clients. She works to provide them with the best possible setting and options for their real estate sale, purchase or investment.

413 Wilcox Street
Castle Rock, Colorado, 80104 Estados Unidos