Profissional de Mediação Imobiliária em Snowmass Village, Colorado Estados Unidos
Real Estate Agent

Terry Rogers

Profissional de Mediação Imobiliária em Snowmass Village, Colorado Estados Unidos
Get to know Terry's experience. Terry has thirty years of experience of real estate in Aspen, Colorado behind her, ranging from hands-on knowledge of luxury real estate development to sales, marketing operations and management, as well as specialist niches like ranch brokering. Terry knows every inch of Aspen/Snowmass - and indeed the whole of the Roaring Fork Valley and has a special knack for showing people the big picture of the Aspen area real estate market. Thanks to years of marketing experience, Terry has an array of refined and targeted real-estate marketing ideas with techniques at her disposal that give her clients the exposure and edge they need to sell their homes quickly - and for top dollar. Terry's real estate listings are always of impeccable quality, but just as importantly, she has a keen awareness of the area's entire inventory, whether you are looking for a multi-million dollar ranch property in Old Snowmass, a fractional ownership unit in Aspen or a ski-in, ski-out condo in Snowmass Village. Terry stewards her clients through their transactions, providing all the information they need, advice regarding local architects, contractors, property management - all this in addition to the ins and outs of properties likely to interest them. It's this bigger picture that Terry always focuses on, helping her clients make smart, informed decisions about precisely where they choose to make their home. More than anything else, Terry seeks to give her clients peace of mind. Clients who are new to Aspen will find themselves in the best possible hands. Terry is devoted to this area. She and her husband, Greg, live at their Lucky Lab Ranch in Missouri Heights where they take full advantage of everything the mountains and valley have to offer, from horseback riding to skiing, golf, hiking and more - and her enjoyment of these pastimes is never greater than when she gets to share them with clients and friends. For Terry, it is part of her job - and her gift - to be able to guide a newcomer through the practical details of life here in Aspen. Another thing Terry has become passionate about is giving back. In 2008, she started a Charity Program where she is committed to give away five percent of every commission she earns to charity. To make this even more fun - she asks her clients to choose that charity. Some have chosen charities close to their own hearts based on personal experience, perhaps the illness or even loss of a loved one. Others have picked from my list of local Roaring Fork non-profits, creating an immediate bond and creating connections within the community we all share. Both Terry and her clients have truly enjoyed this added commitment and feeling of fulfillment. Call Terry to find out more about this program.
Designações: Especialista em fazendas e ranchos
50 Snowmass Village Mall
Snowmass Village, Colorado, 81615 Estados Unidos