Специалист по торговле недвижимостью в Montreal, Квебек Канада
Real Estate Agent

Stephane Larrivee

Специалист по торговле недвижимостью в Montreal, Квебек Канада
Stéphane Larrivée quickly distinguished himself in the real estate industry by his professionalism, market knowledge, his extraordinary dedication to his clients and his good humor. As a skilled negotiator, he has had numerous successful transactions over the past years. Stephane prides himself on offering the best possible advice to his clients as his own personal standards are second to none. His clients describe him as: Dynamic, professional, a good listener, proactive, honest and having an incredible skill of adapting to any situation. Coming from the world of restauranteurs and sommeliers, it was in 2005 that Stephane discovered the joys of real estate through leasing. To stand out from its competition, he quickly became passionate for online marketing and continues to surrounded himself with various professionals in the industry, striving to grow and learn every day. Stephane's passion for the arts and cultural diversities led him to travel to Europe, Africa, North America, New Zealand and Australia. He is passionate about home staging, architecture, music, history, motorcycles and outdoor sports. Your experience with having Stephane as your broker will be like no other as he will allow you to see real estate through a different point of view as he is a very humbled and professional individual.