Специалист по торговле недвижимостью в Toronto, Онтарио Канада
Real Estate Agent

Suzanne Lang

Специалист по торговле недвижимостью в Toronto, Онтарио Канада
Having grown up in Ireland, Suzanne moved to Ottawa in 2000, with a Bachelor of Law degree from Portobello College, Dublin. Once settled, she worked with a tax lawyer, dealing specifically with compliance. This skill is greatly appreciated by Suzanne’s clients as she understands the importance of drafting documents and meeting deadlines, to ensure that sellers and buyers are fully protected throughout the process. With young children at home, Suzanne’s focus transitioned to marketing the luxury Fiddler Lake development (St Sauver, Quebec) on the international market; a campaign that resulted in the successful sale of over 60 properties. This experience enhanced Suzanne’s ability to meet the subtle needs of a foreign buyer, and lead to her career in real estate. Suzanne's passion is meeting new people, finding the perfect property for them, within budget, and making the process as stress-free as possible. Communication is key to affect a successful sale or purchase, and Suzanne's clients are happy to know that they can contact her at any time, and are guaranteed a timely response. Her competence and reliability are demonstrated through her many repeat clients and the positive feedback she receives. Please contact Suzanne to assist you with your real estate needs.
1867 Yonge Street, Suite 100
Toronto, Онтарио, M4S 1Y5 Канада