Специалист по торговле недвижимостью в Weston, Флорида Соединенные Штаты
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Debra Potts

Специалист по торговле недвижимостью в Weston, Флорида Соединенные Штаты
Whether you are new to South Florida or a current property owner looking for your next investment property, or perhaps expanding your family home in this amazing place, Debbie Potts is dedicated to helping you find the perfect space and location tailored to your goals. Born in California by an American father and a South American mother, Debbie Potts Velez-Otero had the great fortune of being influenced by two cultures within her household, as well as spending substantial time in both continental hemispheres. With a degree in International Business from Florida International University, Debbie has lived in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Hong Kong. Seeing the dawn of the tech boom occurring in her native Northern California, she made the move in the late 90's to Silicon Valley to join a start up which would become the largest online source for technical labor and project management in the World. This unique corporate experience taught her the importance of due diligence, superior analytical skills, flawless execution and simple raw hard work - all while having fun in the process and never losing her cool under pressure. Debbie was later able to transfer her experience when presented with an opportunity for business investment through a 25 percent stake and seat on the Board of a medium sized fashion house headquartered in South America. This multi-year chapter of her life gave her insight into the detailed process of designing, producing and marketing the product line through print, distributers and VIP clientele. Upon selling her stake in the company, Debbie chose to return to South Florida to raise her daughters and after careful analysis, chose the lucrative real estate industry as a career befitting her business and marketing acumen. "I knew fresh out of College in the late 90's this was a city with a lot of potential and need for growth and now here we are seeing that budding demand of yesterday come into fruition. I have always considered this area to be the French Riviera of the United States and owning a part of that has and will continue to be a tremendous benefit today and for many many years to come. The recent development of the Miami skyline all the way up the coast-line as well its cultural-arts improvements are just the beginning of what this area has to offer. Whether it is business opportunities, culturally diverse entertainment or the gorgeous ocean access - from casual to elegant, from wonderful family enclaves to breath taking beaches, there is without a shred of doubt, something for everyone here" - Debbie Potts. Outside of the workplace, Debbie enjoys traveling and immersing herself in other cultures, going back to the San Francisco bay area to spend time with her extended family, skiing, working out and sharing with her daughters all the things she herself has come to appreciate in life.
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Weston, Флорида, 33326 Соединенные Штаты