Специалист по торговле недвижимостью в Vienna, Vienna Austria
Real Estate Agent

Georges Luks

Специалист по торговле недвижимостью в Vienna, Vienna Austria
Georges Luks is dealing with Real Estate over the last 20 years; mainly for exclusive private properties and real estate funds - accompanied and supported by his activities within an extended career in international media business and arts (working as an international curator, art dealer and associate professor). Georges built his international career in Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Mexico and the United States of America. He was always involved in a capacity as CEO or entrepreneur. With Sotheby's International Realty all his experience, competence and challenges are culminating for a fascinating day-by-day-venture. Georges was born and grew up in Zurich, Switzerland. He is native French tongue but masters additional 5 languages. This means to be open and curious for the whole range of cultural varieties. Georges has two children and a dog. Short characteristics: Loves communicating and meet people, adaptable, professional, curious to share other people experiences. Personal interests: design, architecture, arts, music, sports, dogs, health, family.