Boston, Massachusetts, USA

по: Iyna Bort Caruso

Boston is a city drenched in culture, sports and, of course, history. Every street has a story. There’s not a chance of being bored.

The greater metropolitan area has an established economy with national and international cache. A research report from the Economist Magazine’s Economist Intelligence Unit ranked the competitiveness of 120 of the world’s major cities. Boston scored 10th. The city is also an intellectual capital with one of the largest concentrations of higher education institutions anywhere.

Boston is sometimes called a city of neighborhoods. It is compact, densely packed and easy to navigate. Hundreds of Boston properties are listed on the National Register and dozens of historic Boston homes are on the roster of National Historic Landmarks. Boston and its environs have some of the oldest homes in the country. Some consider a “new” home anything built after World War II.

The Back Bay is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods. Townhouses along Commonwealth Avenue, or Comm Ave as the locals call it, are status symbol addresses of the high net worth consumer. The area is Boston’s premier arts and cultural center, home to the Public Gardens, Boston Common, the Charles River Esplanade and the historic Boston Public Library, the country’s first lending library.

Beacon Hill is a historic neighborhood of cobblestone streets and classic Boston architecture. Louisburg Square, a privileged enclave of bow-front brick townhouses, is the most expensive street in the city. Home values routinely top $10 million. In the upscale neighborhood of South End, buyers flock to the vintage rowhouses, trendy restaurants and chic shops. Boston’s affluent suburban outposts include the towns of Milton and Weston, the latter boasting the highest per capita income in the state and a top public school system.

The cost of living in Boston isn’t inexpensive, but it’s hard to put a premium on a city that manages to meld the passion of Red Sox Nation with New England sophistication.

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