St. Julian's, Мальта


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Modern Maisonette

$2,590USDЕжемесячноДоллары США
2.200 €EURЕжемесячноEuro
Площадь (кв. фт)

Описание Modern Maisonette, St. Julian's, Malta

This is a two bedroom open plan 130 sqm maisonette situated at first floor, full of light and very spacious. 1 Bedroom is en-suite and there is an additional guest bathroom as well as a washroom with washing machine tumble dryer etc. All appliances are Siemens, Mitsubishi AC’s, very highly furnished.

Объект представляет

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Описание : Мальта

Malta is one of the world’s smallest countries, but it is densely packed--not just in population but in history and heritage. The name is said to be derived from the word meaning refuge or haven by the ancient Phoenicians who inhabited this area thousands of years ago. The name is still fitting.

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