Malmok, Аруба


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Caya di Solo 10 at Tierra del Sol Golf Resort
Malmok, 21000 Aruba   

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Villa Riba Sero
  • $2,099,000 Доллары США

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Caya di Sero 18 La Colina: фото и видео


Описание : Caya di Sero 18 La Colina, Malmok, Aruba

La Colina 18, Tierra del Sol Aruba . One of a kind truly a diamond. The highest point in Tierra del Sol is finally finished and available. Brand new to Aruba. The location and the views featured from this villa have been described as priceless. The modern architecture of La Colina 18 is indeed a work of art; a must see to believe home. You can see the sunsets, the placid Lee shore beaches, the lighthouse, the golf course, and the rough northern coast of Aruba all from one location. Ideal for entertaining, the magnificent kitchen is centered by an island of white granite; fully equipped with state of the art appliances and technology. The living area and entrance feature a ceiling that is over 30 feet high. The villa features three spectacular pools all in one...even a lap pool with a current strong enough for some wholesome exercise. There are 4 suite style bedrooms with 5 beautiful bathrooms throughout this home. Massive stone security gating along with ingenious landscaping and a wonderful two car garage help to keep privacy an essential element of La Colina 18.


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Caya di Solo 10 at Tierra del Sol Golf Resort
Malmok, 21000 Aruba   
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La Colina 18


  • Камины (3+)
  • Балкон
  • Завтрак Бар
  • палуба
  • Посудомоечная машина
  • Гранитные столешницы
  • Дом для гостей
  • Внутренний дворик
  • Крыльцо
  • Холодильник
  • Система безопасности
  • Джакузи
  • плитка
  • Частное озеро
  • Сады
  • Декоративная ограда для уединения
  • Помещения для персонала
  • Терраса / открытая площадка
  • Винный погреб / грот
  • Бассейн на открытом воздухе
  • двор
  • Cable
  • Designer Kitchen
  • Stall Shower And Tub
  • Угловой участок
  • Океан
  • Бассейн (ы)
  • Курорт
  • Вид на водоем
  • Дорожки для бега / велосипедные дорожки
  • Water Feature
  • Concrete Block

Описание : Аруба

Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, AKA the “ABC Islands,” are off the coast of Venezuela.

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