Santiago, Region Metropolitana De Santiago, Чили


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US$840,000 / UF0,35/m2

Описание Address Not Available, Santiago, Region Metropolitana De Santiago

It is about 11 ha. This is 110,000 square meters. This corresponds to two lots divided into two different roles of 5 ha and 6 ha. These are sold together or separately. Both are united and located in the commune of Til Til, very close to the route 5 North approximately at kilometer 37. (in front of the area called Huertos Familiares).
They have own entrance road and with access to the route that goes to the Andes and Santiago, very close.
Soil is agricultural, but has authorizations for construction of offices, warehouses and parking lots.
Land adjoins the company Roble Alto and there are other industries besides this.

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Within Chile’s borders is virtually every microclimate and topographical feature: thousand-year-old forests, volcanoes, hot springs, deserts and even fjords, one of the few countries in the world to have them.
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