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Acerca de David Tran

profesional inmobiliario en Taipei City, Taiwan

David Tran’s reputation extends back to the days when Taiwan first opened to foreign investors in 1983. Then, the only way for foreigners to invest was through mutual funds listed on the New York and London exchanges. Tran fought for the first license to launch such a mutual fund, but settled for the second one in 1985. Under Kwang Hua Securities Investment Trust, Tran launched and managed the Formosa Fund in February 1986. During his tenure, Formosa was the best performing fund in Taiwan. Known by locals as Mr. Fund, Tran launched the Kwang Hua Fund, the first successful domestic mutual fund. Following Kwang Hua and prior to Primasia, Tran worked as a regional managing director of Bankers Trust. His responsibilities included advising on the Hong Kong securities arm and heading the Singapore and Taiwan operations. Earlier, Tran managed Deutsche Bank capital markets business in Hong Kong and at that time, Tran served as the honorary chairman of the Asian Securities Analysts Council (ASAC) between 1986-88.

David Tran
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