Profesional Inmobiliario en Fribourg, Friburgo Suiza
Real Estate Agent

Jordane Naudeix

Profesional Inmobiliario en Fribourg, Friburgo Suiza
Following training in business economics at the Higher College of Management in Fribourg, I worked for over three years in banking, specifically in the mortgages department. This experience allowed me to master all the aspects of financing essential to supporting my clients when buying or selling real estate. I have worked in brokerage since 2011 in the regions of Bulle and Fribourg. Over these years I have developed a professional network while learning to understand and analyse different variables in the regional real estate market. I am a dynamic and accessible person who is 100% invested in fulfilling the needs of my clients and other stakeholders.
Designación: Agente inmobiliario
Boulevard de Pérolles 16
Fribourg, Friburgo, 1700 Suiza