Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Profesional Inmobiliario en Brooklyn, Nueva York Estados Unidos
Real Estate Agent

David Ratner

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Profesional Inmobiliario en Brooklyn, Nueva York Estados Unidos
Everyone David works with appreciates his enthusiasm, just as much as they do his calming, even-tempered manner during the-often stressful-home search process. Extremely reliable, responsible, and easy to work with, David will make your real estate experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible. Fascinated with New York real estate, David is as self-motivated, hardworking and committed to your needs. He always has his ear to the ground and is in constant contact with other real estate professionals to get an edge on what's going on in the NYC market. David works with a diverse clientele of all backgrounds and income levels providing fair, honest service and sound, trustworthy guidance. As a founder and current partner in several active businesses, he understands that service is key and time is valuable.  
With over a decade of experience in business management, marketing, advertising and brand development, David has a deep understanding of all aspects of a business transaction. As a former financial consultant at a small financial firm in Manhattan, he can easily understand what a business owner or individual/family needs-and the value of a smart investment.  
Working with David will streamline the real estate process significantly, as he'll explain every detail and get to the heart of what you want within minutes. David not only has a strong command of the market, but he is also masterful at maintaining relationships, thinking creatively for new solutions, and searching for ways to get a jump on the competition.  
Born in Riga, Latvia and raised in Israel, David has lived in New York for over 14 years. He is fluent in three languages-(Russian, Hebrew, English), has trained in martial arts for over 12 years, and loves all sports-triathlon in particular. In his free time he also enjoys good restaurants, good company, and quality time with his wife and their Golden Retriever, Dean
Designación: Representante certificado del comprador
299 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, Nueva York, 11211 Estados Unidos